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OKGENWEB Compiled from the OKGEN-L e-mail list posts. USGENWEB
    Back about September of 1998 I asked if anyone on the list knew the "recipe" for the Nestle hot cocoa mix. I was going through a divorce and knew the basics but not exactly sure. This started a long series of e-mails dealing with OLD family recipes. After a little while I thought it might be a good idea if these recipes were all put in one place rather than being buried in the list archives where no one would ever see them. With that in mind I created this series of pages and posted the link to the list to see if everyone was cool with it. They all thought it was a good idea so I created the main link page and linked it to my website. Sharon Crawford created the graphic above, which I REALLY appreciate. In case your wondering about the "dOWN hOME" stuff, I "fat fingered" the keyboard in my post to the list and it just sorta stuck. Don't you just hate it when you accidently hit the caps key and don't know it.
    I think it's interesting there is one recipe for "reindeer" included. Now I don't know when the last reindeer wondered the plains of Oklahoma but it was from someone with Oklahoma roots so.............
    Many of the members of the list were also County Coordinators for the OKGENWEB and put links on their sites. Marti Graham was our "List Mom" and state coordinator so a link wound up on the main state page also. If your researching Oklahoma genealogy OKGENWEB is a great place to look. For other areas of research the USGENWEB Project is a good place to start.
    I, and the other members of the list, hope you enjoy the recipes and maybe find something you might want to try.


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How To Tell if Somethiong is Spoiled *<[:o)

Pioneer Foods



Cakes, Pies and Deserts



Other Necessary Lore and Fun Stuff


Created 10/21/98 by Billie E. Walsh
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