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Alexander Mathes, blacksmith, son of Hugh Mathes (of Donmurry, Co. Antrim) and wife Jane, was born circa 7 Mo. 1648, at Donmurry. Removed to Lurgan 12 Mo. 9, 1668. He was married 8 Mo. 7, 1671, to Elizabeth, daughter of John and Dorothy Harding, of near Makeralin, Co. Down. Children: John, b. 1 Mo. 24, 1672, at Lurgan; Jane, b. 1 Mo. 10, 1674, at Lurgan.

Robert Chambers, son of Thomas Chambers, of Mooresome, near Gisbrough, Yorkshire, England, and wife Jane, was born in Moorsome, 9 Mo., 1646. Came to Ireland in 1661, and was married 5 Mo. 9, 1673, to Jane, daughter of Mark Wright and Ann, his wife, of Lygatory, Parish of Shankill, Co. Armagh. Children; John, b. 6 Mo, 5, 1674, at Dromgora; James, b. 7 Mo. 14, 1676, at Tanniferglasson.

James Greer, son of Henry Greer, of Newton, Parish of "Sheelbiller," Northumberland, England, and Mary, his wife, was born at Newton circa 4 Mo. 1653. Was brought to Ireland "ye same year." He was married 6 Mo. 20, 1678, to Elinor, daughter of John Rea and Elinor his wife, of Lissacurran, Parish of Shankill, Co. Armagh. She was born about 2 Mo. 25, 165-, at Lissacurran. Children: Henry, b. 1 Mo. 5, 1681, at Lissacurran; Mary, b. 12 Mo. 7, 1685; John, b. 7 Mo. 9, 1688; Thomas, b. 12 Mo. 1, 1690; James, b. 6 Mo. 18, 1693.
Henry Greer, of Lurgan, and Sarah Henderson, of Dunclady, were married at the house of Katharine Henderson, widow, in Dunclady, 5 Mo. 6, 1704.—Minutes 0f Ulster Province Mtg.
In 1673, County Tyrone, "Henry Greer had taken from him for Tithe by the said Edward ['Conrey Tithmonger for the Dean of Ardmagh'] and William Dickson, one stook of Wheat, three stocks of Rye, seventeen stocks of Oats, fifteen stocks of Barly, and cut one yard of Hey out of his Stack, being but eight yards in all worth one pound.
"Afterwards the said Edward forceably entered the said Henry's Stackyard, threw down a Stack, and took away what Corn he pleased; a Son of Henrys taking one of their Horses by the Bridle, said, he could find in his heart to take him to the Pound, the said Edward came behind him and knock'd him down with his Sword in the sheath, and the same day afterwards took out of his Barn what Corn he pleased."—William Stockdale, A Great Cry of Oppression, 30.

James Bradshaw, son of William Bradshaw, of Prestwaith Parish, near Manchester, Lancashire, England, and Elizabeth, his wife, was born there circa 4 Mo., 1619. Came to Ireland as a soldier in 1649. Was married 10 Mo. 24, 1657, to Ann, daughter of Robert Patterson, of Carrickfergus, and Katherine, his wife. Had ten children, as recorded in Lurgan records.

Robert Hoopes [Hoope] "Son of John Hoopes of Moorsom (neer Gisbrough) in Yorkshire in England, and of Isabell his wife, was born in Moorsom aforesd "8 Mo. 18, 1639." He came to Ireland Anno dom: 1660 being a tailor by trade. About the beginning of the eight moneth Anno dom: 1663 he took to wife Ellener ye daughter of John Hodgkinson and of An his wife of Preston in Anderness in Lancashire in England aforesd who was borne in the Sd towne about the Anno dom 1638: and had by her Children borne as followth": Ann, b. 10 Mo. 22, 1664, at Lurgan; John, b. 10 Mo. 4, 1666, at Lurgan; Abraham, b. 11 Mo. 14, 1668, at Lurgan.—Lurgan Records.
Robert Hoop, of County Armagh, in 1671, had taken from him for tithes, barley, flour, oats, and hay.—Besse's Sufferings of the Quakers, Vol. 11.
Robert Hoope and Ann Harding, both of Lurgan, were married at Lurgan, County Armagh, 9 Mo. 17, 1702.—Minutes of Ulster Province Mtg.
In 1680, "Robert Hoop and George Hodgen having a shop in Lurgin, the aforesaid John Weatherby ["Priest" of Parish of Shankill] bought some Broad cloth and other things of the said Robert and when he had bargained, pulled Mony out of his Pocket, and laid his hand on the Counter with Mony in it, and said, 'Cast up what it comes to, and I will pay you very well in your hand,' and while Robert was casting it up, he sent away the Taylor with the Goods, which come to sixteen shillings and a penny, and kept all for small Tithe, and other things, which he called Church-rights, due (as he said) from the said Robert and George, and although Robert told him of his treacherous dealing yet he went away and paid him nothing."—Stockdale,

Francis Robson, son of John Robson, of Farebee, Yorkshire, England, and wife Elizabeth, was born at Farebee, about 1607. When but young he was brought into Ireland. About 1634 he was married to Isabella, daughter of John Anderson, of Tanniferarbat. Parish of Sego, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Children: John, b. 1650, at Hillsborough, Co. Down; Catherine, b. 1651, at Killwarlin, Co. Down; Joseph, b. 1656, at Tanniferarbat; Joan, h. 1653, at same place; Jacob, b. 1 Mo. 1, 1663, at same place.—Lurgan Records.

William Edmundson, the founder of Quakerism in Ireland, m. in 1652, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Stanford, of Braniley, Derbyshire, England. She died in 1691 and he m. 2d, 10 Mo. 1, 1697, at Mountmelick Meeting, Ireland, Mary Strangman, who died in 1732. Children: Mary, b. 1654, at Antrim, m. William Fayle; William, b. 1655, at Lurgan, left Friends; Samuel, b. 1659, at Tineal, near Rosenallis; Hindrance, b. 1662, at Tineal, m. Scale; Susanna, b. 1666, at Tineal, m. Eleazer Sheldon; Anna, b. 1669, at Tineal, m. Lawrence Moore; Trial, b. 1671, d. 1722, m. in 1699, Abigail, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Johnson.
Children of Trial and Abigail Edmundson, all born at Tineal: William, b. 1700, d. 1705; John, b. 1701, d. 1705; Margaret, b. 1703, d. 1705; Caleb, b. 1705; Joshua, b. 1705, m. in 1744 Susanna, daughter of Tobias and Elizabeth Pim; Elizabeth, b. 1707; Abigail, b. 1709; William, b. 1712, m. 6 Mo. 6, 1750, Jane, daughter of Robert and Sarah Roberts; Samuel, b. 1714, m. Elizabeth Russell, of Dublin.
Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Edmundson: Elizabeth, William, Thomas, Abigail, Hannah (m. Thomas Harvey), Samuel (m. Elizabeth), Joshua (m. in 1801, Charlotte Goff).—Data from Joshua William Edmundson , a Friend, of Dublin, grandson of Joshua and Charlotte Edmundson.
It has been said that William Edmundson's brother John was the same John Edmundson, a wealthy Quaker planter who resided in Talbot County, Maryland, as early as 1660; but this cannot be correct for as late as 1679 John Edmundson suffered persecution in Queen's County, Ireland, to which he had removed with his brother William.—Stockdale, A Great Cry of Oppression, 245; Rutty, 345; Besse, II., 466, 468.

At Ulster Province Meeting, 7 Mo. 27, 1695, the following friends were appointed to visit families:
Old Castle.—Nicholas Starky, Thomas Langbree.
Charlemont.—William Whitesitt, Robert Greer.
Ballyhagen.—Francis Hobson, John Nicholson.
Lurgan.—Thomas Wainwright, Timothy Kirk, Richardson, Mayson, Alexander Christy.
Ballenderry.—John Holding.
Lisburn.—Thomas Squire, John Combe.
Antrim.—Thomas Wilkinson, John Boyd.
Grange.-—James Greenwood, Edward Hudson.
Anrew Melvin
Andrew Knox
ffrancis Sarson
Thomas Gregg

10 Mo. 30, 1699. Friends appointed to get subscribers for Barclay's Apology: Old Castle, Balfyhaes, and Coothill, John Freeman, Merrick King, Thomas Hutton,and John Bell; Carrikfergus, Mathias Calvert; Ballymoney, James Moore and Eli Crockett.
At Ulster Province Meeting, 8 Mo. 3, 1702, "Whereas there is one George Mento who professes truth lives now att Bryans ford, and being about to undertake Some work for ye Lady Dungannon and he having no certificate from friends concerning faithful behaviour in truths way, and friends nott being assured of his honesty & punctuallity this meeting therefore thinks it convenient to avoid any reproach yt may happen to come upon truth by him do appoint Richard Mercer & Thomas Courtney to acquaint ye Said woman yt if She deal with trust, or putt any confidence in him it may be upon his own account, and not upon account, of his being called a Quaker."
At Ulster Province Meeting, 3 Mo. 1, 1703, Barclay's Apology to be delivered to: James Starr for Old Castle, John Combs for Lisburn, Saml. Wilkinson for Antrim, Eli Crocket for Ballymoney, Robert Miller for Dunlady, George Fox for Monallen, Eli Crocket for Coleraine, Edward Hudson for Grange, William Whitsitt for Charlemont, William Gray for Ballyhagen, Richard Boys for Ballinderry, John Walker for Lurgan, Mathias Calvert for Carrickfergus.
At Ulster Providence Meeting, 3 Mo. 30, 1702, "That friends be reminded to give account to ye next meeting how many of yt book called ye rise and progress they will take each friend to pay for what he takes, which being returned are as follows: Old Castle—3, Thomas Hutton; Charlemount—10, Wm. Whitsitt; Ballyhagen—19, William Gray; Lurgan—26, John Robson; Lisburn—33, Richd Boyes; Antrim—7, Thomas Wilkesson; Grange—4, Walter Clark; Ballymoney—7, Eli Crockett; Coleraine—5, William Wyly; Dunlady and Toberhead—6, Patrick Henderson and Robt Miller. Total, 115"

John Wright1 and wife Elizabeth, from Castleshane. County Monaghan, Ireland, had settled in Menallen Twp., York, now Adams County, Pa., as early 1748, and were members of Warrington Monthly Meeting. A certificate for John Wright and children, directed to Sadsbury, was granted at New Garden Monthly Meeting, Chester County, 4 Mo. 28, 1746. Their daughter daughter Rachel, as stated in her memorial2 "was born at Castleshane,3 in Ireland, in the year 1737, and removed to Pennsylvania with her parents, John and Elizabeth Wright, who, after some years, settled in York County, within the compass of Warrington monthly-meeting." They had nine children: I. Mary; II. Samuel; III. Rachel; IV. Joseph; V. Alice; VI. Benjamin; VII. John; VIII. Joel; IX. Jonathan.
I. Mary, m. 5 Mo, 9, 1753, at Menallen Friends' Mtg., to Samuel Hutton, of Menallen, son of Joseph Hutton, deceased.
II. Samuel Wright, m. 9 Mo. 4, 1754, at Huntington Friends' Meeting, now Adams County, Gertrude Wierman, daughter of William and Gertrude (Sietman) Wierman. He died probably about or prior to 1781, and she married secondly, William Ferguson, widower, of Menallen. She died in 1802, having had eight children by her first husband, Samuel Wright, as follows:
1. John Wright, m. 12 Mo. 12, 1781, at Menallen Friends' Meeting, to Ann Griffith, daughter of Thomas and Eve Griffith, of Menallen, and had seven children: Samuel, Thomas, Mary, William, Ann, John, and Rachel.
(l.) Samuel Wright, b. 9 Mo. 27, 1783, m. 3 Mo. 28, 1804, at Menallen Mtg., Rebecca Harris, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Harris. Children: Jacob, Thomas, Rebecca, Barbara, Mary Ann, Nathan, Melinda, Ann, and Ruth Anna.
(2.) Thomas Wright, b. 8 Mo. 6, 1784, m. Anna Harris. Children: Israel, Leah, Lydia, Lucy, Harris, Hanson, Anna, Julia, and Isaac.
(3.) Mary Wright, b. 6 Mo. 5, 1786, m. 5 Mo. 27, 1807, at Menallen Mo. Mtg., Jacob Harris, son of Benjamin and Mary Harris. Children: John, b. 10 Mo, 9, 1808; Samuel, b. 11 Mo. 25, 1810; Mary Ann, b. 12 Mo. 31, 1812; Silas, b. 2 Mo. 19, 1815; Rachel, b. Mo. 12, 1817; Rebecca, b. 9 Mo. 5, 1819; Ellen, b. 10 Mo. 28, 1821; William; Benjamin.
(4.) William Wright, b. 12 Mo. 21, 1788, d. 10 Mo. 25, 1865, m. Phebe Wierman, daughter of William and Hannah (Griest) Wierman, at Huntington Mtg., 11 Mo. 7, 1817. She was born 2 Mo. 8, 1790, and d. 1 Mo. 30, 1873. They were both buried near their ancestors, in the graveyard at Huntington Friends' Meeting House, near York Springs, Adams Co., Pa. William Wright and his wife were probably the most active and prominent agents of the Underground Railroad in Adams County, and hundreds of slaves fleeing from southern masters found rest and shelter in their hospitable home until forwarded over the Underground Railroad to the promised land of Canada. Two interesting oil paintings of William and Phebe, his wife, are (1902) in possession of the only surviving child, Mrs. Annie Phillips, of Lancaster, Pa. Children: General William Wierman Wright, b. 7 Mo. 27, 1824, d. 3 Mo. 9, 1882, unmarried, buried beside his parents; Mrs. Rachel W. Day, d. 1901; Mrs. Hannah Mifflin, d. 1901; Mrs. Annie Phillips.
(5.) Ann, b. 3 Mo. 4, 1791.
(6.) John, b. 4 Mo. 8, 1793.
(7.) Rachel, m. John Farquhar. Children: Augustus, Sarah, Ann, Angeline, and Caroline.
2. Hannah, d. unmarried.
3. Rachel, m. 6 Mo. 13, 1781, at Menallen Meeting, James Hodgson, son of John and Martha Hodgson, of Berkley Co., Va. Child: James.
4. William Wright, m. Agnes Tanger. Children: Agnes and Margaret.
5. Jesse, m. first, Alice Hammond, and had one child, Samuel; m., secondly, Catharine Davis, and had one child, Jesse (m. Elizabeth Mantz. Children: Eliza and Jane).
6. Benjamin Wright, m. first, Hannah Hendricks. Went to Kentucky and married a second time.
7. Samuel Wright, m. Eve Latchew. Children: Hannah, m. Nathan Harris, and removed to Salem, Ohio; Jane, m. Daniel Minnich; William; Jesse, m, Susanna Pittendorff. 8. Phebe, m. William Ferguson.
III. Rachel, born in 1737, at Castleshane, Ireland; died 4 Mo. 19, 1777; m. 10 Mo. 31, 1759, at Menallen Mtg., William Farquhar, Jr. (b. 10 Mo. II, 1735), of Pipe Creek, Frederick, now Carroll Co., Md., son of William and Ann (Miller) Farquhar. She became a minister of the Society of Friends. Children: Joel and James.
IV. Joseph Wright, m. in 1761, Mary Farquhar, daughter of William and Ann. Children: William, Samuel, Moses, Elizabeth, Mary, Rachel, and Susanna.
V. Alice, m. 1 Mo. 29, 1766, at Menallen Meeting, Samuel Hendricks, of Menallen. Children: Stephen, Elizabeth, and Hannah.
VI. Benjamin Wright, m. 5 Mo. 20, 1766, at York Mtg., York Co., Pa., Jane Falkner, daughter of Jesse Falkner, of Hellam Township, York Co. Children:
1. Martha, b. 8 Mo. lo, 1767, m. Levi Hutton. Children: Benjamin, m. Beulah Harris; Jane, m. Benjamin Harris. (Children: Samuel, Martha, etc.); Samuel; Jesse.
2. John Wright, b. 9 Mo. 16, 1769, m. Susanna Griest. Children: Daniel, Benjamin, Jesse, Ann.
3. Alice, b. 11 Mo. 7, 1771, d. 7 Mo. 1777.
4. Jesse, b. 3 Mo. 30, 1774, m. in Virginia.
5. Elizabeth, b. 7 Mo. 12, 1776, d. unmarried.
6. Alice, h. 2 Mo. 16, 1779, m. David McCreary. Children: Benjamin, Thomas, David, Jesse.
7. Samuel B. Wright, m. Elizabeth Harvey. Children: William H., m. Jane Cook, dau. of Henry and Mary (Way); Martha; Ann, m. Moses Price; Rebecca.
8. Benjamin Wright, m. _______ Harvey.
9. Thomas Wright, m. a sister of Jesse's wife.
VII. John Wright, b. 1739 or 1740, probably at Castleshane, Ireland; d. 6 Mo. 29, 1820; m. 9 Mo. 30, 1767, at Menallen Mtg., Elizabeth Hammond, daughter of John and Deborah Hammond. She was born in 1749 or 1750; d. 7 Mo. 23, 1824. Children:
1. Deborah, b. 6 Mo. 23,1768; m. Jonathan Potts. Children: John, etc.
2. Elizabeth, b. 4 Mo. 15, 1770; d. 12 Mo. 24, 1846; m. Jacob Koch. Children: John, Jacob, Ruth (m. John Blake).
3. Ruth, b. 2 Mo. 2, 1772; m. Thomas Hammond. Child, Elizabeth m. Eli Thomas, and lived in Salem, Ohio.
4. Sarah, b. 5 Mo. 4, 1774; m. George Wilson. Children: William; Mary Wierman; Benjamin m. Susan Wierman; Ruth m. James Wills and had two children (the late Judge David Wills, of Gettysburg, and Ruth, m. Walhay); John.
5. Rachel, b. 8 Mo. 6, 1777.
6. William Wright, b. 9 Mo. 29, 1778, d. 3 Mo. 8, 1853, m. Rachel Thomas. Children: Abel; Ellen, m. George Hewitt; Thomas, m. Charlotte Stewart; Isaac, m. Sarah Garretson; Elizabeth; Susanna.
7. Samuel, b. 4 Mo. 7, 1781.
8. John Wright, b. 4 Mo. 28, 1782; d. 12 Mo. 20, 1860; m. 10 Mo. 24, 1804, Alice Wilson. Children: Sarah, m. Enos McMillan, son of Jacob and Ruth (Griffith); George, m. Lucy Wright; Joel; Eliza, m. Jacob B. Hewitt; Ruth; Jane; Charles S., m. 9 Mo. 30, 1846, Hannah G. Penrose.
9. Nathan Wright, h. g Mo. 28, 1784, d. 10 Mo. 4, 1853, m. Elizabeth Harris, 10 Mo. 24, 1810. Children: Elijah, m. Mary ______; Maria; Hiram S., m. Alice Garretson; Ruthanna; Lydia; John, m. Mary Nebinger.
10. Mary, b. 8 Mo. 2, 1790, d. 10 Mo. 1, 1844, m. Daniel Davis. Children: Uriah and Franklin.
VIII. Joel Wright m. Elizabeth Farquhar, daughter of William and Ann. Children:
1. Allan Wright, m. ______ Ellicott.
2. Ann, m. Joseph Elgar. Two daughters: Elizabeth and Margaret.
3. Jonathan Wright, m. Mary Hatenian. Children: Mahlon, Aaron, Josiah, Hannah (m. Dr. Plummer).
4. Rachel, m. Joseph Hibberd.
5. Israel Wright, m. Leah Ferree, of Lancaster County. Children: Oscar and Isaac.
6. Elizabeth, m. Jarrett Cowman.
IX. Jonathan Wright, m. 5 Mo. 16, 1770, Susanna (Griffith, daughter of Thomas Griffith, deceased, and Eve, his wife. Removed to Ohio in 1801, and finally settled at Poplar Ridge, Fayette Co., Ind. Children: Thomas, agent to the Cherokee Indians in Mississippi; Rachel, m. Benjamin Farquhar; Elizabeth, m. John Shaw; Mary; Jonathan, m. Susan Jones; Joel; Phebe, m. Oliver Mathews; Susanna; Rebecca.—See Friends Intelligencer for 2 Mo. 29, 1896, Vol. LIII, pp.; Literary Era, Vol. VII., 125.
1. Sources of information: Meeting Records; MS. Chart of Wright Family, made about 1840, by General William Wiermian Wright, etc. At Warrington Mo. Mtg., 10 Mo. 14, 1775, one Elizabeth Wright produced a certificate of removal from Grange, near Charlemont, Ireland.
2. A Testimony from Pipe Creek Mo. Mtg., Md., concerning Rachel, wife of William Farquhar, Jr.—A Collection of Quaker Memorials, printed at Phila., in 1787, page 388.
3. A Friends' meeting was established at Castleshane, 1723.—Rutty, 343.

Allen Farquhar, who was not a Friend, came from Ireland, and in 1725 and 1726 was a resident taxable in Chester County, Pa., as of New Garden Township. After this he removed to Pipe Creek, now Carrol County, Md. His son William, b. in Ireland 7 Mo. 29, 1705. d. at Pipe Creek 9 Mo. 21, 1778, remained in Chester County for some time, and became a member of New Garden Mo. Mtg. , where he married, 2 Mo. 19, 1733, Ann Miller, daughter of James and Katharine (Lightfoot) Miller, also from Ireland (see pages 356-7). In 1735 they removed to Pipe Creek, taking a certificate of removal to Hopewell Mo. Mtg., in Virginia, and settled near where the town of Union Bridge, Carrol County, Md., now stands, on land conveyed to him by his father, with the provision that he was to move from "ye province of Pennsylvania to ye province of Maryland," and occupy the same.
William Farquhar was influential in establishing the Friends' Meeting at Pipe Creek, the meetings for the first few years being held at his house. Children of William and Ann Farquhar: James, b. 1733; William, b. 10 Mo. 11, 1735, m. (1) Rachel Wright and (2) Mary Baily; Allen, b 10 Mo. 16, 1737, m. Phebe Hibberd; Mary. b. 11 Mo. 22, 1739, m. Joseph Wright; George, b. 6 Mo. 9, 1742; Samuel, b. 5 Mo. 8. 1745, m. Phebe Yarnall; Elizabeth, b. 6 Mo. 13, 1748, m. Joel Wright; Moses, b. 11 Mo. 3, 1750; Susanna, b. 9 Mo. 1753, m. Solomon Shepherd.
Allen Farquhar, another son of Allen the emigrant, died 12 Mo. 12, 1800 in his 8ist year, and Sarah his wife 7 Mo. 4, 1829, in her 97th year. They had seven children: Thomas, b. 11 Mo. 16, 1751, m. Hannah Edundson; Sarah b. 11 Mo. 13, 1753; William, b. 12 Mo. 24, 1755; Rachel, b. 2 Mo. 7, 1764; Robert, b. 7, Mo. 13, 1766; Mary, b. 11 Mo. 6, 1769; Samuel, b. 9 Mo. 31, 1772.—Cope, Genealogy of the Sharpless Family, 202—3.

"Thomas McMullen of Grange meeting in County of Antrim & Deborah Marsh" [daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth (Rogers) Marsh] of [Grange] meeting [near Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland] "were married near Charlemount on ye 10th day of ye 5 Mo. 1727 as by certificate may appear."—Minutes of Ulster Province Meeting, Ireland.
Thomas McMillan seems to have lived for some years within the limits of Ballinacree Meeting, near Ballymoney, County Antrim; then in 1738 or 1739 he removed with his wife Deborah and children to Pennsylvania, and settled near his father-in-law, Joshua Marsh, in East Nantmeal Township, Chester County. On his arrival he produced the foll6wing certificate of removal to Goshen IVIonthly Meeting (8 Mo. 15, 1739):
"From our men's meeting held in Ballanacree the 6th of ye 3 mo. 1738 To friends in Pro: Pennsylvania or elsewhere in them parts Lo friends we hereby acquaint & Certify you that Thomas McMollin his Wife and Family lived within the Compass of our Meeting for several Years and always Behaved themselves pretty orderly for anything known to us & leaveth this in unity with us & free of Debts a man Sc woman of a Good Report and Pretty well beloved both by friends and others and so Concludes with desires that you will be pleased to afford them Such Councel & advice in the further Conduct of their Life as the Lord may Enable you with all; Signed in and on behalf of said Meeting by
James Moore John Sterling
Thomas Ervin Willm Moore
Benj. Boyd George Gregg
William Gregg Samsn Courthey
John Hunter Willm Moore"
Willm McMollin
Recorded in Goshen Mo. Mtg. Book of Removals, p. 56, Goshen Mo. Mtg. Records, at Friends' Library, 142 North Sixteenth Street, Philadelphia.

About 1749 or 1750 he went with his family to York County, and settled on a tract of 193½ acres of land called Adington, in Warrington, now Washington, Township, granted by the Penn Proprietors by warrant dated May 29, 1749.1 He died in 9 Mo., 1753, and was buried in the burial ground at Warrington Friends' Meeting House, near the present village of Wellsville. Letters of administration on his estate were granted Aug. 8, 1754, to his widow, Deborah McMillan. She died 9 Mo. 22, 1764, and was buried beside her husband Their graves lie in the McMillan row at Warrington, and although it was contrary to the rules of discipline obtaining in the Society of Friends at that time, the graves were carefully marked by thin, neatly-cut sandstones, scarcely a foot in height, which still remain in a good state of preservation, and if one kneels and scrapes away the moss and lichens which have grown over the stones he may read the inscriptions:
9 M 9 M
1753 1764

Thomas and Deborah (Marsh) McMillan had five children: I. John, II. George, III. William, IV. Mary, V. Elizabeth.
  1. John McMillan, as his son James states in his Bible, was born in 1728, in Co. Antrim, Ireland; died 9 Mo. 17, 1791, and was buried in Friends' burial ground at Warrington Meeting House; was married 5 Mo. 4, 1756, at Sadsbury Meeting, Lancaster County, Pa., to Jane, widow of Joseph Green, of Sadsbury, and daughter of John and Jane (Bell) Boyd. She was born in 1728 in Co. Antrim, Ireland, died 5 Mo. 12, 1782, and lies buried beside her second husband at Warrington. After the death of his first wife John McMillan was married, 7 Mo. 15, 17S4, at Warrington Friends' Meeting, to Joanna, widow of William Griffith, of Warrington, and daughter of William and Mary Craig. Joanna died 4 Mo. 21, 1794, and was buried at Warrington. Children of John McMillan, all by his first wife Jane:
    1. Abigail McMillan, b. 4 Mo. 18, 1757, in Warrington, York County Pa., m. in 1776, William Whinery, son of Robert and Isabel. Removed to near Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio. Children: Robert, John, Thomas, William, James, George, Jane, Zimri, Sarah, and Abigail.
    2. Sarah, b. 3 mo. 3, 1760, d. 1 Mo. 25, 1790.
    3. Thomas McMillan, b. 5 Mo. 14, 1762, d. 4 Mo. 12, 1831; buried at Warrington; m. 10 Mo. 11, 1 791, at West Grove Friends' Meeting, Chester County, Pa., Ruth Moore, daughter of Joseph and Jane (Marsh) Moore (see Andrew Moore and his Decendants). She was born 1 Mo. 33, 1763; d. 4 Mo. 11, 1846, and was buried in Friends' burial ground. Short Creek, Jefferson County, Ohio. Children: Joseph, Jacob, Maria, and Mahlon.
    4. John McMillan, b. 1766; d. 3 Mo. 16, 1838; buried at West Grove, Harrison County, Ohio; m. first, 1787, to Esther Griffith, daughter of William and Joanna (Craig) Griffith. She was born 1 Mo. 13, 1766, in Warrington Twp., York County, Pa.; d. 6 Mo. 7, 1818; buried at West Grove, Harrison County, Ohio. They removed from Warrington, York County, Pa., to Short Creek Meeting, Ohio, in 1804. John, m. secondly to Alice Barnard. Children, all by first wife; Jane, Ruth, Joanna, Sarah, Amos, John, James, Griffith, Elisha, Jesse, and Maria.
    5. James McMillan, b. 9 Mo. 4, 1768, in Warrington Twp., York County, Pa. ;d. 1. Mo. 7, 1856, buried in Friends' graveyard, Harrisville, Harrison County, Ohio.; m. 3 Mo. 21, 1798, in York County, Pa, to Mary Griffith, daughter of William and Joanna (Craig) Griffith. She was born 3 Mo. 16, 1771, in Warrington Twp.; d. 1 Mo. 8, 1856; buried in same ground as her husband.
      James McMillan, as he records in his diary, learned the hatting trade in youth and followed that occupation for thirty years. For three years he kept a tavern and store in York County; then, about 1803, he removed with his wife and settled in Harrison Co., Ohio, where he followed various callings: milling, farming, surveying, and conveyancing. For two years he served as Senator in the State Legislature of Ohio. Children: Uriah; Edith, m. JohnGwynn, in 1819; Asa, m. Mary Kelly, in 1827; Gulielma Maria, m. her brother-in-law, John Gwynn, in 1830; Ira James, m. Ann Christy, in 1847; Myra, m. Joseph Crawford, in 1831; Joanna; Sarah, m. Joshua P. Watson.
  2. "George McMillan Son of Thomas and Deborah McMillan born in the year of our Lord 1732 The 2d day of the 4th Month About [record torn] Noone and 18th of the Moons age,"2probably in County Antrim, Ireland. He died 7 Mo. 11, 1795, in Warrington, now Washington Township, York County, and is buried in Friends' burial ground at Warrington, York County, where his and his wife's inscribed gravestones are still to be seen. According to his marriage certificate3 "George McMillan of Warrington in the County of York and Province of Pencilvania Son of Thomas McMillan Deceased and Ann Hinshaw of Manahon in the County and Province aforesd Daughter of Jacob Hinshaw" [and wife Rebecca Mackey] were married 10 Mo. 5, 1758, in a Friends' Meeting at Warrington Meeting House, York Co., Pa. The following are the names of the signers to the certificate:
    Anne Hussey
    Sarah Underwood
    Ruth Underwood
    Hannah neviitt
    Susannah Ward
    eliseth Sloss
    Ann Collins
    mary Collins
    ann Cook
    William Ward
    Abraham Griffith
    Eneas Foulk
    Jesse Cook
    John mcadams
    John Collins
    Alexander Underwood
    William Garretson
    Petter Cook
    William Underwood
    William Griffith
    William Nevitt
    Robert Vale
    John Sharp
    peter cook
    John hill
    Chas Horseman
    Eli Horseman
    Richard Ross
    George McMillan
    Ann McMillan

    Jacob Hinshaw
    Deborah mcmillan
    John mcmillan
    William mcmillan
    Peter Marsh
    Jonathan Marsh
    Margaret Marsh
    John Marsh
    Jean mcmillan
    Thomas Hinshaw

    Ann, wife of George McMillan, was born 3 Mo. 18, 1739, in Co. Armagh, Ireland; died 1 Mo. 29, 1815.
    After the death of his mother, George McMillan took the farm, "His Brothers & Sisters" releasing their shares by deed of Oct. 28, 1765. Although the land was granted by warrant to his father in 1749, George McMillan did not receive a patent until Dec. 5, 1771, when the tract is described as 193½ acres, called Adington, in the Manor of Maske, Warrington Township, York County, the several courses being as follows: beginning at a black oak. corner of Peter Cleaver's land, thence by the same and Baltzer Smith's land, S. 42°, W. 179 P. to a white oak; then by William Garretson's and John Underwood's land S. 23°, E. 218 P. to a marked white oak; then by Samuel Morthland's land, N. 27°, E. 165 P. to a white oak; thence by Jonathan Marsh's land N. 82°, W. 20 P. to a white oak; N. 35°, E. 22 P. to a stone; N. E. 118 P. to a white oak; thence by Mine Bank N. 46°, W. 28 P. to a stone; thence by Jacob Brindley's land, S. 43°, W. 55 P. to stones for a corner; N. 30°, W. 1 19 P. to place of beginning.
    Abstract Will of George McMillan, of Warrington Township, York County, Penna, "being Sick and weak in body but of sound disposing Mind and Memory. "Dated 7 Mo. 6, 1795; probated Aug. 7, 1795.
    Imprmis.—Just debts and funeral expenses to be paid.
    Item.—To "my Son George McMillan my Plantation and Tract of Land on Beaver Creek in Warrington Township aforesaid (Excepting a Grist Mill and Saw Mill and Mill Seat with a Lot of Ground including the Same)."
    Item.—To son Thomas McMillan said grist mill and saw mills on land adjoining William How and Abraham Griffith [at the foot of Round Top].
    Item.—" I give and devise my present dwelling plantation to my two Sons Jacob McMillan and Joseph McMillan," etc.
    Item.—" My tract of Land in Monaghan Township to my four daughters, Rebekah, Ann, Deborah and Mary."
    Item.—" I give and Bequeath unto my beloved Wife Ann McMillan two Beds, & bedding her choice and a case of drawers and as much of my household and Kitchen goods and furniture as She Shall Choose," ten bushels of wheat and £20 yearly, "the Western end of my Dwelling house including a room and Kitchen for her use during her Natural life, and also a pipe Stove for Said room and also a Sufficient quantity firewood drawed to her door & made ready for immediate use by my said Sons Jacob and Joseph ... it is my Will that the Stove in the mill at Beaver Creek be brought to my present Dwelling house and put in place of the one given to my Said Wife."
    Item.—Son Joseph to be sent to school and to " unite with my Son Jacob in labouring and farming my present dwelling plantation." Wife to receive the "profits of my Said plantation until my Son Jacob arives to the Age of twenty one Years and that then my Said Wife do receive one half of said profits, and my Said Son Jacob the other half until my Said Son Joseph arives to the Age of Twenty one Years."
    Item.—To sons Jacob and Joseph "my Bay and Gray horses, and my two Year old Yearling Colts to enable them to farm my Said plantation"; also "my Waggon, plows, harrow and horse Geers."
    Item.—Todaughter Ann "my young Gray mare. Saddle & bridle."
    Item.—To son Thomas "my Spring Colt and one Cow which is at Beaver Creek."
    Item.—After daughters have received in all £150 remainder of estate to be divided equally "among my Eight children."
    Item.—To "my Said Wife my old gray mare. One Cow and her Saddle."
    Executors: Wife Ann, son-in-law Joseph Garretson, and son George.
    Witnesses: Elihu Underwood, Jesse Underwood, William Hinshaw.

    Children of George and Ann (Hinshaw) McMillan, born in Warrington, now Washington, Township, York County:
    1. Rebecca McMillan, b. 7 Mo. 7, 1759, d. 12 Mo. 14, 1814, m. 10 Mo. 12, 1779, at Warrington Meeting, to Joseph Garretson, of Newberry, York County, son of John and Jane (Carson). He was born 7 Mo. 28, 1759. Children: Ann, John I. (m. Ann Pierce), George (m. (1) Lydia Wickcrsham and (2) Ann Griffith), Joseph (m. Maria McMillan), Sarah (m. John Thomas), Rebecca (m. John Wickersham), Jane, and Elijah (m. (1) Ann Nichol and (2) Ann Prowell).
    2. George McMillan, b. 5 Mo. 26, 1763, d. 5 Mo. 24, 1846, buried in Friends' ground at Warrington, m. (1) 11 Mo. 6, 1792, at West Grove Friends' Meeting, Chester County, to Rebecca, daughter of Benjamin and Susanna (Dunn) Cutler. .She died 4 Mo. 14, 1816, and he m. (2) 2 Mo., 1826, to Jane, daughter of Jacob and (McClellan) Laird. She was born 7 Mo. 22, 1792. and died 9 Mo. 1, 1862. Children by first wife were: George, Eli, Susanna (m. Edward J. Wickersham), Amos, Jesse, Elisha, and Anna. Children by second wife were: Joseph, John, William (living in Marshall, Mo., in 1902.)
    3. Ann McMillan, b. 8 Mo. 21, 1766, d. 2 Mo. 23, 1850, m. 6 Mo. 25, 1795, at Warrington Meeting, to Willing Griest, son of Willing and Ann (Garretson) Griest. Resided at Warrington, York County. Children: Anne (m. Abner Wickersham), Amos (m. Margaret Garretson), Edith, Cyrus (m. Mary Ann Cook, daughter of Samuel. Children were: Hiram, George M., Jane C, Ann M., Cyrus S., Jesse W., Maria E., Elizabeth M., and Amos W.), Mary (m. Josiah Cook, son of Henry), Ruth (m. William W. Cook, son of Isaac), Josiah (m. Mary Ann Squibb).
    4. Deborah McMillan, b. 12 Mo. 6, 1768, m. (1), 10 Mo. 19. 1763. William Griffith, son of William. He died 4 Mo. 21, 1799, and she m. (2) 2 Mo. 13, 1806, John Vale, son of Robert and Sarah. Removed from Warrington, York County, to Columbiana County, Ohio, 1814. Children by William Griffith: George, Anne, William, Oliver, and Julia. Children by John Vale: Deborah, John, Jacob, and Caroline.
    5. Mary McMillan, b. 2 Mo. 16, 1771; d. 8 Mo. 8, 1827; m. 1 Mo. 29, 1818, William Vale, son of Robert and Sarah. No issue.
    6. Thomas McMillan, b. 10 Mo. 16, 1773, d. 3 Mo. 28, 1843, m. 11 Mo. 15, 1798, at Warrington Meeting, Jane Taylor, daughter of Joseph and Jane. Removed from York County to Washington County, Pa., in 1808, and two years later settled in Columbiana County, Ohio, where he practiced the Thomsonian system of medicine. Children: Taylor, b. 10 Mo. 10, 1803, d. 11 Mo. 8, 1893, m. 1834, Sarah Bell (who was b. 6 Mo. 15, 1806, d. 5 Mo. 25, 1901, and was buried besides her husband in Carmel Friends' ground) and had children of whom one is Smith Bell McMillan, of Signal, Ohio; Jane, m. ist Abel Lee Crawford and 2nd John Clay; Ann; Maria, m. Joseph Bell (had a son Mark); Ann.m. William Longshore; Joseph, m. Hannah Burt; Eliza, m. Adam Siddall.
    7. Jacob McMillan.4 b. 6 Mo. 28, 1777, d. 1 Mo. 1833, buried in Friends' ground at Warrington, where the gravestones of him and his wife may yet be seen; m. 12 Mo. 13, 1798, at Warrington Meeting, Ruth, daughter of William and Joanna (Craig) Griffith. She was born 1 Mo. 22, 1770 and died 3 Mo. 2, 1829. He succeeded to his father's homestead and died there. Children: Enos (m. Sarah Wright and died at Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1890), Ann (m. Joseph Leech, and died in Clermont County, Ohio, in 1888), Cyrus (m. Sarah Raney), Edith (d. young), Ruth (b. 3 Mo. 3, 1808, d. 3 Mo. 23, 1887, m. 9 Mo. 20, 1831, at Warrington Meeting, Jesse Cook, son of Henry and Mary (Way) Cook; a daughter, Sarah A., married John T. Myers), George (removed to Baltimore and m. Sarah Dickinson; a daughter, Emma C, married Edward Duffy, sometime Judge of the Superior Court of Baltimore), and Rebecca (d. young).
    8. Jane McMillan, b. 9 Mo. 29, 1780, d. 11 Mo, 28, 1782.
    9. Joseph McMillan, b. 10 Mo. 10, 1782, d. 3 Mo. 26, 1826, m. 5 Mo. 24, 1809, at Newberry Meeting, York County, to Rebecca Garretson, daughter of Samuel and Alice. No issue.
  3. William McMillan, son of Thomas and Deborah, m. 2 Mo. 20, 1760, at Nantmeal Meeting, Chester County, Deborah, daughter of Henry and Lydia (Fell) Holland, of East Nantmeal Township. Resided in Warrington Township, York County. Children were:
    1. Mary McMillan, b. 4 Mo. 20, 1761, m. (1) 12 Mo. 17, 1789, at Warrington Meeting, James Miller, of Newberry Township, York County, son of Robert and Sarah (McClung) Miller; m. (2) Joseph Baxter, in 1806. Removed to Miami, Ohio, in 1806.
    2. Thomas McMillan, b. 4 Mo. 22, 1763, m. 2 Mo. 12, 1794, at Newberry Meeting, Jane Jones, daughter of Edward and Content (Garretson) Jones. Children: Edith and Deborah.
    3. Deborah McMillan, b. 9 Mo. 13, 1764, d. 11 Mo. 24, 1766.
    4. Lydia McMillan, b. 9 Mo. 21, 1766. Removed to Miami Mo. Mtg., Ohio, about 1806, and married William Jay.
    5. William McMillan, b. 10 Mo. 13, 1767. Removed to Miami, Ohio, about 1806.
    6. Samuel McMillan, b. 2 Mo. 26, 1770, d. 4 Mo. 10, 1777.
    7. Jonathan McMillan, b. 3 Mo. 2, 1772, m. 11 Mo. 16, 1797, at Warrington Meeting, Ann Hussey, daughter of Jediah and Jane. They removed to Miam1 Monthly Meeting, Ohio, about 1806.
    8. David McMillan, b. 3 Mo. 2, 1772, m. 4 Mo. 13, 1797, at Warrington Meeting, Hannah Hussey, sister of the wife of his twin brother Jonathan. They removed to Miami, Ohio, about 1805. Children: Josiah, Eli, Deborah, Mary, David.
    9. Henry McMillan, b. 11 Mo. 20, 1774.
    10. Deborah McMillan, b. 8 Mo. 10, 1778, d. probably 12 12 Mo., 1782.
    11. John McMillan, b. 7 Mo. 18, 1785.
  4. Mary McMillan, daughter of Thomas and Deborah, m. 6 Mo. 25, 1767, at Warrington Meeting, Nathan Phillips, son of Edmund, of Warrington
    Children were;
    1. Thomas Phillips, m. Margaret Foster. Children: William, John, Thomas Monroe.
    2. Jesse Phillips, m. 1st Elizabeth Borum and 2d Ann (Frazier) Morris. Children by 1st wife: Elizabeth, Mary Ann (m. John McConnell), Jane, Deborah, Rebecca.
    3. Deborah Phillips, m. Alexander Underwood and resided in Middleton Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. Children: Jesse (m. ______ Borum), Alexander.
    4. Jane Phillips, b. 8 Mo. 1776, d. 9 Mo. 17, 1856, m. about 1825, Jared Marlnee and resided in Middleton Township, Columbiana County, Ohio. No issue.
    5. Elizabeth Phillips received a certificate from Warrington Mo. Mtg., 12 Mo. 19, 1827, to remove to Carmel, Columbiana County, Ohio.
  5. Elizabeth McMillan, daughter of Thomas and Deborah, married Jacob Smith; removed to Middleton Township, Columbiana County, Ohio, where she died in the spring of 1820. She was interred in Friends' ground at Carmel Meeting House. Children as far as ascertained: Jacob, Rebecca, Eve Catharine (m. Ellis Brown, in 1831), Casper (m. Sarah Burt), Elizabeth, (m. Samuel Smith), Thomas (m. Elizabeth Burt).
1. See Patent Deed, granted to his son George McMillan, Dec. 5 ,1771, by Thomas and John Penn. Patent Book AA, Vol. 13, Dept. of Internal Affairs, Harrisburg, Pa.
2. According to the record in his family Bible, " Printed by Alexander Kincaid His Majesty's Printer MDCCLXII," now (1902) in possession of a descendant, Elmira J. Cook, Flora Dale, Adams Co., Pa.
3. Recorded in Warrington Marriage Book, page 29. The original MS. is in the possession of a descendant, Mrs. Emma Wickersham Pyle, 720 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, Cal.
4. Three of his letters, written in 1814, 1815, and 1826, are in possession of a great-grandson, the writer.

John Marsh, a Friend, of Armagh, County Armagh, Ireland, was residing in that town as early as 1664, for in his will, dated 1688, he mentions "the half tenement and Garden plott Situate lying and being in the Scotch Street in Ardmagh which I have by lease from the primate of Ireland bearing date the twentyeth day of October 1664." He was staunch and true to his Quaker principles and on account of them had to endure severe persecutions. From the record of these sufferings it was evident that he was a thrifty yeoman or farmer, having servants and cattle and sheep, and raising wheat, oats, barley, etc. In 1660, "John Marsh [County Armagh] being sued for Milch-money and Offerings, to the value of about 3£. at the Manner Court of Loughall (by Humphrey Pettard Priest) had taken from him so many of his Cattel as were worth 18£."
"The said John Marsh being sued again, in the said Court, for five years' Tythe of sixty-two Sheep (by the said Priest) had the very whole number of sixty two Sheep taken from him (being all he had) worth 12£." (Holme and Fuller, A Brief Relation, 25.)
In 1666, for refusing to pay tithes he had taken from him "Cattle and Sheep worth £30,"(Besse's Sufferings of the Quakers, II., 475.) and in 1669 "John Marsh being sued for Priests and Clarks Dues (so-called) and such like things, to the value of 8s. 3d. in a Temporal Court at Anhnagh, by Thomas Blevin Clark, had taken from him by the Bailiffs, a Brass Pot, and four Pewter Dishes, worth £1. 17s.(Holme and Fuller, A Brief Relation, 27. ) In 1673, he was one "Of those who suffered Distress for Tithes of Corn, Hay, &c."(Besse's Sufferings of the Quakers, II., 278. ) "In this and some preceding Years, several had suffered Distress for refusing to contribute to the repairing of the Parish Worship-house at Kilmore, in the County of Armagh." Among these, from John Marsh were taken "two Heifers, three Sheep, and two Calves, worth £3. 7s."(Ibid., II. ,479.) In 1673 "John Marsh had taken from him for Tithe, for the Dean of Ardmagh, forty three stooks of Barly and fifteen car-loads of Hey, all worth one pound sixteen shillings."(William Stockdale, A Great Cry of Oppression, 29.)
"Anno 1674. Isabel Lancaster, Servant to John Marsh, of the County of Armagh, was sued in the Primate's Temporal Court for carrying Home her Master's Corn, under Pretence of its being Tithe, though it was neither markd nor set forth as such. An Execution was obtained against her, on which she was imprisoned in the Bayliff 's House, and after two Weeks removed thence to another Bayliff's, where she was detained six months."(Besse, II., 480.)
In 1674 "John Marsh had taken from him for Tithe, by the Servants of James Downham, Dean of Ardmagh, thirty stooks of Barly out of two hundred thirty eight, and nine stooks of Oats out of three score and ten, worth one pound four shillings six pence."(Stockdale, 40.) He also suffered similar persecutions in 1675 and in 1676.
At the time of the making of his wjl] John Marsh was "Sick in body" and probably died about that time, in 1688, leaving Dorothy, his wife, to survive him. Children, probably by Dorothy, his wife, were: Joseph, Rebecca, Sarah, Hester, and perhaps others. The following is a copy of the will;
"The last Will and Testyment of John Marsh of Ardmagh in the Prsh and County of the Said Ardmagh being Sick in body but perfect in Memory in Which Will And testyment and for the due pformance thereof I doe Constytute apoynt and ordeaine My beloved Wife Dorothy My onely and Soale Executorex
imps—I doe desire that my body may buryed in the burying place in the Towne land of the Munney near Killmore where many of my deare friends have been formerly buryed and as to my Worldly goods I disposose of them as followeth
first—I give to my eldest daughter Namely Hester five Shillings to be paid to her att the end or within one yeare from the date hereof
2dly—I give to my daughter Sara five Shilling to be paid her att the end or within one yeare as aforesaid
3dly—I give unto my daughter Rebecca one Pound to be given her att the end or within one yeare from the date hereof
4th—I give unto Jonathan fletcher my grandson two pounds ten Shillings to be payd unto whom I Shall nomynate in trust for his use att the end or within two yeares from the date hereof
5thly—I give unto Joshua Marsh and Margery Marsh Son and daughter of my Son Joseph Marsh deceased the half tenement and Garden plott Situate lying and being in the Scotch Street in Ardmagh which I have by lease from the primate of Ireland bearing date the twentyeth day of October 1664 with alsoe the Said lease of the Same with all the apurtenants thereunto belonging paying and performing for the Same all rents and other dutyes due to the bond Contained in the Said lease from the time they Shall renewe the Said halfe tenement
6th—I give unto my grandaughter Hanna Shaw four pounds to be payd unto those whom I shall hereafter in trust [appoint] to receive itt for her use within or att the end of two years from the date hereof
7th—I doe by these present Nominate ordeane and apoynt William Lawder of the Said Armagh Robert Robinson of Bellyhagan and ffergus Saftlaw of Bellyhamy both in the psh of Killmore and County of Ardmagh aforesaid to demand and receive from my Said executorex the aforesaid two pounds ten Shill given to Jonathan above Said and the Said four pounds given to my grandahter Hanna aforesaid) to dispose of the fund for the use of the said Jonathan and Hanna for their best advantage and to be accountable [for ?] the same when the said Jonathan and Hanna Shall Come to age Con [torn 1 inch] to desire futh account
8thly—And lastly I draw and bequeath all the rest of my worldly goods and Chattells of all kindes and sorts what soever for the payment of my debts and for the use and maintenance or my Said beloved wife my onely and Soale executorex as witness my hand and Seale this 7th day of the 11th month Called January 1688.
Signed Sealed and
delivered to my
Said exeratorex in
the presents of
Alexander heron
Tho: King
William Williamson
William Landar
John Marsh [Seal]
his M Marke

Robert Robinson
ffergus Saftlow
Saml: Unthanke."
Joseph Marsh, son of John Marsh, for some breach of discipline, was disowned from membership in the Society of Friends, 10 Mo. 5, 1674, at Lurgan Meeting, held at Roger Webb's house near Lurgan, County Armagh. In the testimony issued against him he is mentioned as late of Lisneny near Loughgall, County Armagh, widower, "who for several years past frequented our meetings." According to his father's will Joseph died prior to 11 Mo. (Jan.) 7, 1688, leaving at least two children, Joshua and Margery.
Joshua Marsh, of Drumanicannon, Parish of Sego, County Armagh, son of Joseph Marsh, was married, 6 Mo. (Aug.), 28, 1695, at Friends' Meeting place at Alexander Christy's, County Armagh, to Elizabeth Rogers, of Drumanicannon, possibly a daughter of John Rogers, whose name appears at the head of the list of men signers to the marriage certificate. Christy Rogers, who heads the list of the women signers, may have been the mother. The following interesting records of the marriage have been found:
"At our [Ulster] Province Meeting held at Richard Boyes" house [near Ballinderry, County, Antrim] ye 6th of ye 5th Mo. 1695 . . . Joshua Marsh and Elizabeth Rogers haveing apeared and Declared their Intentions of Marrage with each other before This Meeting and at present nothing appearing to Obstruct them, ye Meeting have taken Their Intentions into Consideration and have apointed Alexr Mathews Lawrence Allyson Margrit Christy & Aylce Williams To make Enquiry Concerning Their Clearness and Consent of Parents and return their answer to The next Province Meeting, a Certificate from ye Sd Eliz: father of his Con- sent To ye Sd Intended Marage."
"At our Province Meeting held at Ballyhagen [County Ar- magh] ye 17''' day of y"= 6''' month 1695 ffriends of Ballyhagen Meeting and friends of The Meeting beyond Charlemont [Upper Grange Meeting], have agreed that once in two mens Meetings Some friends from Ballyhagen Meeting goe to ye mens Meeting beyond Charlemont And also That Some friends from beyond Charlemont goe to The mens Meeting at Ballyhagen once in two mens Meetings. . . .
Joshuah Marsh and Elizabeth Rogers haveing appeared ye Second time and Declared their Intentions of Marrage before this Meeting as formerly and the partyes appointed to make enquiry Concerning their Clearness and Consent of Parents have returned Their answers That they find nothing To Obstruct Them but That they may lawfully marry, So its The apointmt of this Meeting That ye Said Joshua Marsh do publish (or Cause to be Published) Their Said Intentions in two Severall Meetings at (or neer) Lurgan, and in two Severall Meetings at Monnallon, and if no Thing Then apear against Them They may at a Convenient Season Take each other in Marrage, Alexr Mathes, John Hoope, and William Porter are desired To See ye Said Marrage be perfected in good Order."
The marriage was accordingly accomplished on the 28th of 6 Mo. (Aug.), 1695. The names of the signers to the marriage certificate appear in the following order in the old Marriage Record Book of Lurgan Meeting (page 121):
Joshua Marsh
Elizabeth Marsh

John Rogers
Roger Kirk
Peter Rogers
George Whaly
Richard Hollin
James Hallyday
Alexander Mathew
Lancelot Pearson
John Williams
Samuell Kirk
Jacob Kirk
John Thirkeld
George Blacker
John Willson
Alexr Christy
John Moorton
ffrancis Hillary
Kobart Kirk
John Christy
Timothy Kirk
James Moorton
Tho: Wainwright
Tho: Bullough
George Black
Tho: Bradshaw
Christy Rogers
Ellin Wollsy
Margrit Blacker
Mary Horner
Deborah Kirk
Ann Whaly
Eliz: Atkinson
Joan Mathew
Joan Adams

In addition to his share in the leased property in the town of Armagh, bequeathed to him by his grandfather John Marsh, Joshua Marsh owned a small farm in Ireland; for in his will, made in Pennsylvania in 1747, he mentions "my farm in Belenacar in Clambrasel in the County of Armagh in the Kingdom of Ireland Containing Thirty three Acres of Land with the Rights members and Appurtnances thereof."
Early in the spring of 1736. Joshua and his son John began to make ready to remove with their famihes to Pennsylvania. " Att a mens [Preparative] meeting [at Grange, near Charleniont, County Armagh] held ye 2d of ye 4th month [1736] Joshua March having an Intention to transport himself & family to America & desires from us a certificate therefore Jacob Marshill & James Pillar is desired to draw Suitable ones for him & his Son John . . . yt they may be Signed next meeting."
In accordance with the request of the meeting certificates2 were drawn up as follows:
"From our Monthly Meeting of men & women friends, held at Grange Near Charlimount in the North of Ireland ye 2 of 4 Mo. 1736. To friends and Brethren of pensylvania or elsewhere in America Greeting.
"Dear Friends whereas our friend Joshua March [Marsh] & his Wife Did Acquaint us Some Time Ago that they had a mind to transport themselves & family to pensylvania or Some place in America and Desires of us a Certificate we therefore Do Certify that He the Sd Joshua & his wife was of an orderly Life & good Conversation Both amongst us their Brethren as amongst their Neighbours where they Dwelt & now Leaveth us in Unity they had also the privilege of Sitting in our Meeting of Disapline likewise their three children Viz Jonathan peter and Abigail were of Orderly Lives & Conversation whilst here & is free from marriage or any Entanglement that way & all the Above friends have left this place free from Debts or Defraud to any man & we have Cause to hope & believe that they will So behave themselves for ye future yt they may Deserve ye Religious notice & Care of friends for their good.
"Signed by order & on behalf of our Sd Meeting by
Mary Greer
Eliz. Greer
Abigail King
Mary Pow
Ann Sloan
Mary Pillar
Eliz. Dawson
Abigail Gray
Ruth Delapp.
Thos. Nichalson
Joseph Kerr
Benja Marshill
James pillar
James Dawson
francis Robson
Saml Gray
Jonat Richardson
William Gray
Jacob Marshall
Jno. Whitsitt
Thomas Greer
Tho. Griffith
Israel Thompson
Wm. Vance"

"From our Men & Womens Meeting held at Grange Near Charles Mount in Ireland ye 2 of ye 4th mo 1736 to friends of pensylvania or Elsewhere In America Greeting Whereas our friends John March [Marsh] & his wife Did sometime ago Acquaint us that they had to transport themselves to pensylvania or Some place In America & Desires of a Certificate we therefore do Certifie yt the Said John March & his wife hath behaved themselves Orderly amongst us their Brethren & Sisters Also was of a peaceable Life & Conversation amongst their Neighbours having Left us & our Neighbours Clear of Debt They had Also privilege to Set in our Meetings for Decipline & we hope they will So behave as will deserve the Religious Notice & Care of our friends & Brethren whose it may Please Divine providence So to order their Lot to Settle & Remain.
"Signed by order & on behalf our Said Meeting by
Ann Sloan
Mary pillar
Eliz. Dawson
Mary Greer
Eliz. Greer
Abigail King
Benja Marshil
James Dawson
James Pillar
Jacob Marshill
John Whitsitt
Thos. Greer
Thos. Griffith
Israel Thompson
Wm. Vance
Thos. Nicbalson
Joseph Ker"

In the spring of 1736, shortly after the signing of the above certificates, the Marsh family started on the long and wearisome voyage to Pennsylvania, where they arrived, it is believed, some time in August, for in John Marsh's land warrant, dated Nov. 24, 1736, he is mentioned as having been settled on the land "about three months." The two families of the father and son settled near each other on two tracts of land in East Nantmeal Township, Chester County, adjoining other Irish Friends, William and Timothy Kirk, of the Kirks of Lurgan Meeting, County Armagh. Soon after their settlement the Marshes were received as acceptable members of Goshen Monthly Meeting, Chester County, as appears from the following extracts from the minutes of that meeting:
Minute of Men's Meeting, 8 Mo. 18, 1736.—"John Marsh Produced a Certificate to this Monthly Meeting from the Monthly Meeting of friends held at Grange near Charlemount in ye North of Ireland dated ye 2d of ye 4 Mo: 1736 in behalf of himself & wife [Elizabeth] which [is] to friends Satisfaction and ordered to be recorded."
Minutes of Women's Meeting.—"At our Monthly Meeting held at Goshen the Eighteen Day of Eighth Month [1736] Elizabeth Marsh Produced to this Meeting a Certificate from Friends in Ireland jointly with her Husband which we accept on her behalf."
Minutes Men's Meeting.—"At our Monthly Meeting held at Goshen ye 15th day of ye 9th Mo. 1736 Joshua March [Marsh] Produced a Certificate to this Monthly Meeting from the Monthly Meeting of friends at Grange in Charlemount in the North of Ireland dated ye 2d of ye 4th month last in behalf of himself & wife [Elizabeth] & 3 of his children, Viz: Jonathan. Peter & Abigail which is to the Satisfaction of friends here & ordered to be Recorded."
Minutes of Women's Meeting.—"At our Monthly Meetnig held at Goshen the Fifteenth Day of the Ninth Month [1736] . . . Elizabeth Marsh Produced to this Meeting a Certificate from the Monthly Meeting of Grange in Ireland which this Meeting Accepts on her behalf."
Joshua Marsh settled on a tract of two hundred acres of land which he purchased from the Penn Proprietors. The following abstract of his land title is from the records preserved in the Department of Internal Affairs, at the capital, Harrisburg, Pa.:
No. 55. Joshua Marsh, of Chester Co., Pa., warrant for 200 acres of land "Adjoyning the Lands of John Griffith and John Rees in the Township of Nantmill," granted October, 26, 1737; patented Oct. 12. 1742. 195 acres returned (A. 10, p. 505).(See Survey, No. 446, , Hist Soc of Penn'a.)
Patent Deed: (Survey, May 10, 1738.)
John, Thomas, and Richard Penn, Proprietors of Penn'a., on Oct. 12, 1742, patented to Joshua Marsh, of Chester Co., in consideration of £30, 4s., 195 acres of land in Nantmeal Twp., Chester Co. , described as follows,—
Beginning at a corner marked hickory, in a line of William Kirk's land, and from thence extending by John Griffith's land, W. by N. 210 P. to a marked chestnut; thence by William Branson's land, N. 81 P. to a post, thence by John Ree's land, E. N. E., 113 P. to a black oak marked, and N. N. W., 4S P. to a marked black oak: thence by the lands of the said William Branson, N. E. by E., 44 P. to a post; thence by Daniel Brown's land, S. S. E. 76 P. to a marked chestnut, N. E. by E. 60 P. to a marked black oak and S. S. E. 30 P. to a marked hickory; thence by vacant land, S. 60° E. 80 P. to a marked hickory; thence by the said William Kirk's land S. W. by W. 135 P. to a marked black oak and S. E. by S. 60 P. to place of beginning, containing 195 acres and allowance.
Joshua attended Uwchlan Friends' Meeting until the establishment of Nantmeal Meeting in 1740, and was appointed a representative from Uwchlan Preparative to Goshen Monthly Meeting. to which Uwchlan was subordinate. The minutes of the Monthly Meeting show that he was appointed on committees to inquire into requests for certificates of removal, to oversee marriages, etc. His name appears for the last time in the meeting records, 9 Mo. 1, 1745, when he signed a marriage certificate. He was taxed in East Nantmeal Township, in. 1737-8, is.; in 1739, is. 3d; in 1740-1, 1S. 6d.(Tax Lists in County Commissioners' Office, West Chester, Chester Co., Pa.)
He died probably in the spring of 1748, for his will was made August 18, 1747, and probated May 17, 1748. As his wife is not mentioned in the will, he must have survived her. The following is a copy of the will:
"I Joshua Marsh3 of East Nantmell, in the County of Chester in the province of Pennsylvania yeoman being in Health of body and of Sound disposing Mind and memory in thankfullness of heart to almighty God for his mercies and favors and in Consideration of the uncertainty of our Time here do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in Manner following.
Imprimis its my Will that after my Decease my body be buried in a Decent manner at the Discretion of my Executor hereafter Named and as for what temporal Estate it hath Pleased God to Bestowe Upon me in this Life, I Give Devise and Dispose of the Same in manner Following.
In the first place its my Will that my just Debts and Funeral Charges be paid and Discharged
Item I Give to my Son John Marsh the sum of Five Shillings Lawful Money of this Province
Item I Give to my son George Marsh Five Shillings Money Aforesaid
Item, I Give to my son Peter Marsh Five Shillings Money aforesaid
Item I Give to my Daughter Deborah McMuUen Five Shillings Money Aforesaid
Item I Give to my Daughter Abigail Atherton Five Shillings Money aforesaid
Item, I Give and Bequeath all my Personal Estate & Goods and Chattels after my Debts Funerall Charges and Legacies Aforesaid are Paid and Discharged unto my Son Jonathan his Executors and Administrators
Item I Give and Devise all and Singular my Messuage Plantation and Tract of Land whereon I now Live in East Nantmell aforesaid with the rights members and Appurtances thereof unto my sd Son Jonathan Marsh his heirs and Assigns for Ever
Item I Give and Devise that my farm in Belenacar in Clambrasel in the County of Armagh in the Kingdom of Ireland Containing Thirty three Acres of Land with the Rights members and Appurtances thereof Unto my Said Son Jonathan Marsh his heirs and Assigns Forever.
Item I Nominate and Appoint my son Jonathan Marsh to be sole Executor of this my Last will and Testament and Lastly I do Revoke and Declare to be null and void all Former and other wills and Testaments by me Made in word or writing and do Declare this only to be my Last Will & Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seal Dated the Eighteenth Day of the Sixth Month Called August Anno Dom 1747
Joshua Marsh signature[seal]

David Davies
Richd Davies
Ellis Davies

The following inventory of the estate of Joshua Marsh was filed at Chester, then the county seat of Chester County, May 2, 1748:
"the 26th Day of ye 3d: moth: in ye year 1848 A true Inventory of the goods and efects of Joshua Marsh deceased

"To a bed and beding 4 3 0
To a chest 0 2 6
To a table cloth and napkin 0 2 6
To a pair of leather Briches and Sundries 0 18 0
To a horse Saddle and bridle 4 0 0
To a mare 3 10 0
To Books 2 15 0
To a bedstead Barrels and Sundries 0 12 6
To pots and Sundries 1 3 6
To carpenters Tools 0 14 0
To tongs and pothangers & Sundries 0 14 0
To chair haccles & Sundries 0 9 0
To flax seed and Sundries 0 16 6
To leather & Sundries 2 9 10
To yaarn 3 5 0
To three bags 0 10 0
To a cart and tacklings 8 0 0
To a Dough trough & Sundries 0 11 6
To a harrow 0 18 0
To a grinding Stone 0 5 0
To bees 1 4 0
To a plow & axes and mattock 1 3 0
To Sheep 1 17 6
To hoggs 2 18 0
To chains and Sundries 0 5 0
To a loom & wool & Sundries 2 2 6
To Some wareing apparel 1 1 0
To Credit for wool 0 5 6
To two Smoothing iron 0 4 0
To unbroke flax 0 5 0
To a plantation 200 0 0

Appraised by us the Day &
year above written
Wm Kirk
John Griffiths"
Joshua and Elizabeth (Rogers) Marsh had children as follows: I. Deborah; II. Joseph (?); II!. John; IV. George; V. Abigail; VI. Peter; VII. Jonathan.
  1. Deborah Marsh, from whom the writer descends, was married 5 Mo. 10, 1727, at Grange Meeting, near Charlemont, County Armagh, Ireland, to Thomas McMullen [McMillan], of Grange Meeting, County Antrim. See "McMillan Family," page 399.
  2. Joseph Marsh, "of Crenah in the parish of Tillenesky & Countie of Tyrone" (who is thought to have been a son of Joshua Marsh, since Joshua's name appears on the marriage certificate next to that of the bride's father, Francis Hobson, who heads the list of signers in the column reserved for relatives under the bride and groom's names), probably named for his grandfather, Joseph Marsh, was married 5 Mo. (July) 27, 1732, in the Friends' Meeting House at Ballyhagen, County Armagh, Ireland, to Ruth Hobson, "Daughter of ffrancis Hobson of Drummilly in the parish of Loughgall & Countie of Ardmagh." Some of the signers to the marriage certificate were: (Page7, Marriage Book, 1731-1786, Ulster Quarterly Meeting.)
    ffrancis Hobson
    Joseph Hobson
    John Hobson
    (and others)
    Sarah Hobson
    (and others)
    Deborah M'Moollon
    Abigail Marsh
    Hannah Hobson
    (and others)
    Mabel Anderson
    Joseph Marsh
    Ruth Marsh

    Peter Marsh
    ffrancis Hobson
    Joshua Marsh
    George Rodgers
    William Vance
    William Hobson
    (and others)
    Joseph Marsh is not mentioned in Joshua Marsh's will and nothing further has been learned of him.
  3. John Marsh, son of Joshua, married Elizabeth ______, prior to or about 1724, as has been stated above, came over from Ireland, in 1736, and settled in East Nantmeal Township, Chester County. The following abstract of his land title is from the records of the Department of Internal Affairs at Harrisburg:
    No. 52. John Marsh, of Chester County, 200 acres "of Land scituate in Nantmil Township, whereon He has been about three months settled & adjoining to William and Timothy Kirk," granted Nov. 24, 1736; patented Mar. 14, 1790. Acres returned 11.76. Patentees, John Marsh (Vol. A 14, p. 268), James Pugh (Vol. P 18, p. 251). Survey.(Also see Taylor Papers, Warrants, No. 405, Historical Society of Penn'a.)
    Patent Deed: Thomas and Richard Penn, Proprietors of Penn'a, on June 9, 1747, patent to John Marsh, of Chester County, Pa., in consideration of £33. 3d., 213 acres of land and allowance, in East Nantmeal Twp., Chester County, decribed as follows:
    Beginning at a marked hickory by Timothy Kirk's land, S. 25° E. 100 P. to a marked hickory; S. 65° W. 30 P. to a marked chestnut at a corner of Robert Wetherall's land, by same, S. 25° E. 44 P. to marked black oak; E. 20 P. to marked hickory; S. 25° 149 P. to marked black oak, by Henry Phillip's land S.E. 40 P. to post by Callowhill Manor, corner of Vincent Township; N. 42° E. 150 P. to corner post, by John Well's land; N. 48° W. 80 P. to marked black oak standing at a corner of John Price's land, thence by same N. 18° W. 26 P. to a marked white oak; N. W. by W. 16 P. to a marked chestnut; W. N. W. 126 P. to a corner post, thence by Simon Woodrow's land; W. .S. W. 40 P. to a corner marked white oak; thence, by the Meeting Land, N. 85° W. 80 P. to place of beginning, containing 213 acres.
    John Marsh and his son Joshua, on complaint of Uwchlan Preparative Meeting, for breach of discipline were disowned by Goshen Mo. Mtg., 3 Mo. 17, 1742. About 1750 John Marsh removed with his family from Chester County and settled on a tract of land adjoining his brother-in-law, Thomas McMillan, in Warrington Township, York County, Pa. The records at Harrisburg show the following purchases of land:
    Warrant No. 41, John Marsh, 25 acres, "adjoining Thomas McMillan & Peter Cook on Doe Run in Warrington Township," York County, granted Sept. 10, 1751: patented May 25, 1855.—(Patent Book G. 489).
    Warrant No. 233, John Marsh, Sr., 24 acres, "joining his other Land & Elihu Underwood & Isaac Kole in Warrington" Twp., York County, granted Oct. 21, 1769; patented Dec. 14, 1822. (Survey.)
    Warrant No. 236, John Marsh, Sr., 26 acres, "joining his other Land granted by warrant of the 21st of October Instant in Warrington" Twp., York County, granted Oct. 30, 1769; pattented Dec. 14, 1822. (Survey.)
    John Marsh was living in 1769, but the date of his death has not been learned. His wife, Elizabeth died in or prior to 1761. As far as can be learned they had the following children: 1. John; 2. Margaret; 3. Joshua; 4. Jonathan; William (?); Ruth (?)
    1. John Marsh, born in Ireland, in 1724, died 3 Mo. 10, 1804, and was buried in Friends' graveyard at Warrington Meeting House, York Co., where his gravestone, with inscription, may still be seen. He probably removed from Chester to York Co., with his father, about 1750, but his certificate of removal from Goshen Mo. Mtg. , dated 8 Mo. 17, 1752, was not received at Warrington Mo. Mtg., until 11 Mo. 18, of that year. At Warrington Mo. Mtg., 5 Mo. 20, 1758, he produced an acknowledgment for marrying " by a Justice with a young woman not Joined amongst friends." His wife Margaret was received into membership, 7 Mo. 12, 1760.
      By warrant, No. 125, dated June 4, 1762, John Marsh, Jr., was granted 125 acres "adjoining Peter Cook in Warrington" Twp., York Co.; patented July 11, 1795 (Z, 281). Survey.
      In his will, dated, Washington Twp., York Co., 4 Mo. 30, 1802, probated Apr. 2, 1804, he mentions his wife Margaret, his eleven children, and a lot of ground within fourteen rods of "Baltimore Town." Children by his wife Margaret were: (1) Jonathan, b. 6 Mo., 1, 1760, d. 3 Mo. 20, 1850, removed to Baltimore, Md., about 1798, and finally to Middleton Mo. Mtg., Ohio, in 1808; (2) Elizabeth, b. 7 Mo. 27, 1762, removed to Baltimore in about 1797; (3) Margaret, b. 11 Mo. 28, 1764, removed to Baltimore about 1797; (4) Mary, b. 1 Mo. 16, 1767, took a certificate to Baltimore in 1801; (5) Rebecca, b. 3 Mo. 16, 1769, d. 11 Mo. 13, 1770; (6) Susanna, b. 3 Mo. 7, 1771, m. 9 Mo. 12, 1793, John Everitt, son of Isaac and Martha; (7) John, b. 3 Mo. 7, 1771, d. 1806, m. in 1802, Catharine ______; (8) William, b. 7 Mo. 28, 1775, took a certificate to Baltimore in 1797; (9) Rebecca, b. 8 Mo. 2, 1777, d. 4 Mo. 14, 1858, buried at Warrington; (10) Lydia, b. 10 Mo. 20, 1779, m. John Walker, son of Benjamin, of Warrington4; (11) Hugh, disowned by Warrington Mo. Mtg., 3 Mo. 22, 1809, for marriage out; (12) Hannah produced an acknowledgment for marriage out, in 1808.
    2. Margaret Marsh was married 12 Mo. 30, 1756, at Warrington Mtg. , York Co., to Elihu Underwoodschoolmaster, of Warrington, son of Alexander. Signers to marriage certificate were:
      Jane McMillan
      Rebecca Fincher
      Elizabeth Hussey
      Richard Wickersham
      James Peckett
      Charles Morthland
      James Jones
      Samuel Morthland
      Jonathan Marsh
      Susanah Ward
      Mary Morthland
      John McMillan
      John Harry
      Ruth Cook
      Rebeca Morthland
      Ann Hussey
      Elizabeth Wickersham
      William Morthland
      George McMillan
      Armel Fincher
      Christopher Hussey
      Joseph Garretson
      Aaron Frazer
      Elihu Underwood
      Margret Underwood

      Alexander Underwood
      Sarah Underwood
      John Marsh
      William Marsh
      Ruth Marsh
      Ruth Morthland
      Petter Marsh
      Deborah McMillan
      Mary McMillan
    3. Joshua Marsh seems to have disappeared from the records after his disownment.
    4. Jonathan Marsh, of Warrington, was married, 1st, 6 Mo. 18, 1761, at Warrington Mtg., to Rebecca, daughter of Hugh Morthland, deceased, and Rebecca, his wife; m. 2d 12 Mo. 16, 176S, at Merion Meeting, Chester Co., to Ann Packer, of Haverford, daughter of Philip and Ann. He served a number of years as overseer of Warrington Meeting. He died in 1795, leaving at least four children: (1) James, by first wife, m. 9 Mo. 14, 1797, at Warrington, Edith Hussey, daughter of Record and Miriam, of Warrington, took a certificate to Baltimore, in 1810, with wife—children, Zilla and Amos—, and finally removed to Ohio; (2) Ann, by first wife, m. 1797, to John Edmonson, of Warrington; (3) John, by second wife, m. 5 Mo. 14, 1789, to Hannah Hussey, daughter of Record and Miriam, removed to Gunpowder Mtg., Md., in 1790; (4) Ehzabeth, m. 1 Mo. 12, 1792, at Warrington Mtg., to Joseph Edmondson.
    5. William Marsh, supposed to have been the son of John, was disowned by Warrington Mo. Mtg., in 1763, for mairiage out.
    6. Ruth Marsh, supposed to have been the daughter of John.
  4. George Marsh, the first of the family to come to Penn- sylvania, produced the following certificate of removal to Kennett Mo. Mtg., Chester Co., 7 Mo. 6, 1729. He is mentioned in his father's \vill, but no further record of him has been found:(Original MS. in possession of Gilbert Cope, of West Chester. See facsimile, page 84.)
    "from our Meeting at the Grange
    Near Charlemont the 22'' of the
    5th month 1728
    "Whereas George Marsh Son to Joshua Marsh hath a Minde to Transporte himselfe to pensilvania in AMerica and desires our Sertificate These are therefore to Sertifie to all whome may be Concerned that the Said George Marsh is the son of honest parents whoe were Concerned to b[r]ing him up in the way of truth and in as much as he is now groone into years Capable to worke for his Liveing and having an inclination to goe to Amergea to Leave his Sd parants hath Consented thereunto and he being of apretty orderly Conversation therefore we doe recommend him to the Care of friends where he may Come for his preservation in the truth Signed in be[half] of our [torn] Meet[ing]
    "Post Script we doe further Sertifie that we doe believe that the Said George Marsh is free from any engagement of marriage with any woman here
    "Robert Green
    Bartho: Garnett
    Wm. Whitesite
    Jacob Marshill
    James Pillar
    John Griffin
    Thom Greer
    Joshua Marsh
    Joseph Marsh"

  5. Abigail Marsh was married 9 Mo. 4, 1741, at Nantmeal Friends' Meeting House, Chester Co., to Thomas Atherton, son of Henry and Jennet (Thelwall) Atherton. The following persons signed the marriage certificate:
    Hester Hockley
    Ruth Roberts
    Ann James
    Jane Rees
    Percy Hinton
    Mary Evans
    Ruth Evans
    Ann Hockley
    Margaret Evans
    Rachel Butler
    Mary Griffith
    William Williams
    Cadr Jones
    Awbrey Roberts
    Henry Hockley
    John Griffith
    Samuel John
    John Rees
    Arnold Baset
    Noble Butler
    Jacob Jenkin
    William Kirk
    Timothy Kirk
    Thomas Athkrton
    Ahigail Atherton

    Joshua Marsh
    Jonathan Marsh
    Peter Marsh
    Henry Atherton
    Thomas Evans
    Eliza Evans
    Thomas McMollin
    Deborah McMollin
    Richd Thomas Jun
    Hannah Thomas
    Elizabeth Thomas
    Ester Evans
    William Taylor
    Henry Taylor
    Robert Thompson

    Thomas Atherton was taxed 2s. in East Nantmeal Twp., Chester County, in 1740-1. At Goshen Mo. Mtg., 6 Mo. 18, 1740, "Thomas Atherton with the approbation of Uwchlan Preparative Meeting Proposes to joyn himself to our Religious Society who is Received by us as his Conduct Proves Agreeable to our Our Principles." He was appointed an overseer of Nantmeal Meeting, in 1754. In 1763 he received a certificate to remove with his wife Abigail and three children, Richard, Henry, and Elizabeth, to Warrington .Mo. Mtg., York County. The certificate was received at Warrington, 1 Mo. 14, 1764. He died, probably in 1782, for his will5 was dated Feb 2, 1774, and probated Sept. 23, 1782. His wife and three children survived him. Children: (l) Henry; (2) Richard; (3) Elizabeth.
    1. Henry Atherton, m. 3 Mo. 22, 1780, at Warrington Mtg., to Ann Hobson, of the same place daughter of Francis and Ann Hobson, Friends from Ireland. In 1784, Henry was disowned by Warrington Mo. Mtg. for attending musters. About 1790 they removed to Western Pennsylvania, and in 1794 were reported as living in the Glades of Stony Creek, probably in Bedford County. Children: Mary, Thomas, Francis, and Ann.
    2. Richard Atherton, m. 5 Mo. 18, 1775, to Phebe Hobson, sister of Henry's wife. The committee appointed to oversee the marriage reported that the occasion had been orderly, "Except having assistants to pull off the glove and hat." In 1784 he produced an acknowledgment for marriage by a "hireling Teacher." He removed within the limits of Westland Mo. Mtg., about 1790.
    3. Elizabeth Atherton, m. 1 Mo. 16, 1777, to Alexander Elliot, of Newberry Twp., York County, son of Isaac, deceased. At Warrington Mo. Mtg., 6 Mo. 13, 1778; they were complained of by Newberry Mtg. for having differed and parted; disowned 8 Mo. 8, 1778. In his Diary (1780-1786) Benjamin Walker, of Warrington, under date of 5 Mo. 22, 1781, 3d-day, notes that he was "Diging a Grave for Elizabeth Ellet formerly Atherton," at Warrington Friends' burial ground.
  6. Peter Marsh, with the concurrence of Uwchlan Preparative Mtg., requested of Goshen Mo. Mtg., 4 Mo. 21, 1740, a certificate of removal to Oley (Exeter) Mo. Mtg., Berks County. The certificate was received at Exeter 6 Mo. 28, 1740. A certificate for him to return to Goshen was signed by Exeter, 8 Mo. 29, 1741. At Goshen Mo. Mtg., 6 Mo. 15, 1743, "The Representatives of Uwchlan Preparative Meeting Acquaints this Meeting that Peter Marsh Persists in keeping Company in Order for marriage with a young woman not of our Religious Society." At the meeting 7 Mo. 12, 1743, he was reported married out of the Society. He was then disowned, 9 Mo. 21, 1743, the testimony against him to be read at Nantmeal Meeting House. He was taxed in Nantmeal Township, in 1739. In the tax list for 1740-1 his named has been crossed off.
    He removed to Warrington Township, York County, about 1750, about the same time as his brother John and his brother-in-law Thomas McMillan, and settled on a tract of land at the foot of Round Top. A warrant (No. 36) for 25 acres of land "on a Branch of Beaver creek adjoining Robert Veale [Vale] in Warrington Township," was granted to him May 7, 1751; patented Dec. 7, 1762 (G. 489). In his will,6 dated 4 Mo. 21, 1788, probated April 4, 1789, bespeaks of his "meadow next Roundtop." He leaves 88 acres of land, which was surveyed May 3, 1753, to his son Jonathan, and mentions his other children, John, Mary Jones, Deborah Frazer, Jane Phillips, Lydia Brunton, Rachel Howe, Rebecca, and Esther.
    Deborah, daughter of Peter Marsh, born 4 Mo. 5, 1746; m. 1 Mo. 22, 1772, to Joshua Frazer, son of James and Rebecca (Cox) Frazer. A daughter, Elizabeth Frazer, married William Brinkerhoff, who when living in Ohio, in 1876, at the age of ninety-two years, gave the following interesting reminiscences of the Marshes and Frazers:(Notes taken at the time by Smith Bell McMillan, now of Signal, Ohio.)
    Peter Marsh's wife Margaret was a Welsh Quakeress of gigantic size. Deborah, the daughter, was buried beside her husband and parents at Warrington Meeting House. Joshua Frazer was first engaged to a younger sister of Deborah's of about his own age, and they were to have been married in the spring of 1771; but in the fall of 1770, with an eye to securing some ready money to help him set up housekeeping, Joshua kissed his sweetheart good bye and went down into North Carolina to chop wood during the winter. Here he met with such success that he concluded to stay a little longer than had been arranged for, and wrote to his intended to that effect. But, unfortunately for him, she never received his letter, and when he failed to appear at the proper time "the girl was mad and up and married another fellar to wonst."
    Soon after, the young Joshua returned with his pockets weighted with hard earned money and his mind filled with pleasant anticipations of the coming event. But, alas, for all his high hopes, the girl had gone with another man.
    At length, Deborah, an older sister, came to the rescue. It was true she was somewhat too old, but what better could be done? So, in 1772, she became my future mother-in-law. When Joshua asked Peter Marsh for Debby, Peter replied:
    "Joshua, I gave thee one girl, and I'm not going to give thee another.—But, if thee will come with two horses and a side-saddle, and the girl wants to go with thee, take her right along."
    The test was soon made and with a happy result for Joshua, for "the girl she climbed into the saddle, she did."
  7. Jonathan Marsh was married, in 1748, by authority of Exeter Mo. Mtg., Berks Co., to Mary Long, of that meeting, probably a daughter of Robert and Rachel Long. The marriage was authorized 9 Mo. 24, and reported accomplished 10 Mo. 29, 1748, so that the ceremony must have occurred between the two dates. He died shortly afterward, letters of administration on his estate being granted to his widow Jan. 19, 1749-50. The following inventory7 of his estate was filed March 1. 1748-9:
    "Inventory of the Goods and Chattels &c of Jonathan March Decesed apprised this 23 Day of January Anno Dom, 1748/9 by us the subscribers.
    to wering apparil Riding Creator Saddle and Briddle 5 10 0
    to Horce & Meare 5 10 0
    to 4 Cows a Steear and 2 yond haffars 13 0 0
    to 6 Hogs 1 15 0
    to 6 Sheeps 2 5 0
    to a plow harrow and Tacklens 1 15 0
    to a Steel of a Colling Box and Sum old Cart Iron 0 4 0
    to a Cart 8 0 0
    to all the wheat and Ry in the Ground 12 0 0
    to 5 Stocks of Beeas a heay fork 22 Skikis a Grindstone 2 Sithes 1 12 0
    to Lome and tacklens & horse Gears and Cart Sadle 2 10 0
    to hog meat and a podring tube and Cealor 1 6 0
    to flax and hampe hrocken and one broken 0 17 6
    to a womans Sadel 1 10 0
    to Long wheal a pettecot Sum will and other Lumber 0 6 0
    to Sum malt Barly flaxseed a tube a basket and peal 0 10 6
    to flax yearn Toney earn and Sum Salt 3 3 0
    to a Bag of fatthers 1 10 0
    to a Bed and Bed Cloath 1 10 0
    to a Grubing howe Sum axes and old iron 0 18 0
    to 3 pots a Crock and hangers a frian pan Sum other things 0 18 0
    to 5 Bells and Bell Collars and Breack iron 0 15 0
    to Chair 2 peals 2 Bags and Ridel 0 8 0
    to 2 wheals 0 12 0
    to putter Earthen pans trunchers and Nogans 1 6 6
    to two glace _____ ( ? ) 2 Knifes and Sum other things 0 3 0
    to Sum Candels and tallow 0 5 6
    to Kneding trogh 2 Darals a Chist and the pekin 0 11 0
    to a table Cloth and a towel Sum tow Cloath 1 3 0
    to Hed and Bed Cloas 4 10 0
    to 2 Books and Sum drest Cloth 2 15 9
    to a Stack of hay 1 0 0
      103 0 9
    The above was apprised by us the Subscribers the day year above written
    Enin E. Williams
    Thomas Slycer
    Griffith Griffith"

    Elizabeth Marsh, the only child of Jonathan Marsh, was born 7 Mo. 29, 1749, after her father's death. At an Orphans' Court, held at Chester, March 20, 1749,8
    "Mary Marsh petitioned the Court on behalf of Elizabeth Marsh ye daughter of Jonathan Marsh deced for the Court to appoint Proper persons to be her Guardians wch was allow'd of and the Court appoints Thomas Downing and Samuel James to be her Guardians &c."
    Mary Marsh, the widow, spoken of as a "young woman," was married, by authority of Exeter Mo. Meeting, between the dates 2 Mo. 26, and 3 Mo. 31, 1750, to John Williams, of Nantmeal Meeting, Chester Co., the Mo. Meeting having seen that "Guardians [were] chosen to take Care of her Child." John Williams removed with his wife Mary, children Henry and William, and step-daughter, Elizabeth Marsh, to Exeter Mo. Mtg., in 1757, the certificate of removal from Goshen being presented 10 Mo. 27th of that year. In 1765 they returned again to Chester Co., with children, Henry, William, Jonathan, and Miriam, presenting certificates to Uwchlan Mo. Mtg. Elizabeth Marsh, "now Ellis," was complained of in Uwchlan Mo. Mtg., 6 Mo. 8, 1769, for marrying a Friend before a Justice, and was disowned 7 Mo. 6, 1769.
1. Public Record Office, Dublin.
2. Pages 39, 52, Book of Certificates of Removal Received of Goshen Monthly Meeting, Penna, in the vault, Friends' Library, 142 N. l6th Street, Phila.
3. Papers No. 1144, Book 3, p. 15, Register's Office, West Chester, Pa.
4. See Lewis Walker and Descendants, by Priscilla Walker Streets.
5. Will in Register's Office, York, Pa.
6. Register's Office, York, Pa.
7. Papers No. 1217, Register's Office, West Chester, Pa.
8. Records of Orphans' Court, Vol. V., 51, in office of Clerk of the Courts, West Chester, Pa.

John Mackey, or Mackie, of Kincon, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, "being weak in body, but perfect in memory," made his will 4 Mo. 11, 1699. First. He leaves to his wife the third part of "all my goods & Chattells quick and dead within and without and alsoo my house & Land duering her Life and after her decease to fall to my Sons Joseph and Benjamin" to be equally divided between them.
Item. "After my wifes third parte is taken off I doe give the one half of what remains to my Son William and my Son Joseph and my daughter Rebecca," to be divided equally.
Item. "I leave the other halfe to my Son Benjamin and my daughter Martha" to be equally divided.
Item. Wife to be executrix.
Item. William Brownlee, Jr., and William Gray to be over seers and guardians to see that "my wife doe fully execute this my will."
Lastly. Directs that his "body be buried in the buering Place in the mueny belonging to the meeting of bailey hagen."
Witness: Charles Brown John Alackey [Seal]
Kellren Brown

7 Mo. 6, 1699, William Macky, David Kell, Joseph Mackey certify that they have " Received full Satisfaction of our mother concerning our fathers Last will." (Records of Ballyhagen Meeting)
Children of John Mackey1: I. Joseph, II. William, III. Benjamin, IV. Rebecca, and V. Martha.
  1. Joseph Mackey, of Kincon, and Ann Sweethen ["Sweeton" in minutes of Province Meeting], of Cloughan, both in Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, were married, 4 Mo. 24, 1703, at Ballyhagen Meeting. The signers were:

    Mongow McKenell
    William Morton
    John Blackburn
    William Nickalson
    Robert Barns
    John Williamson
    William Gray
    James Tough
    Matthew Whinery
    James Stevenson
    Patrick Hogg
    John Winter
    William Hobson
    John Scott
    Benj: Macky

    Sarah Sweethen
    Mary Gamer
    Martha Allen
    Hannah Sweethen
    Elizabeth Brownloe
    Mary McKenell
    Elinor Garner
    Margery keel
    Mary keel
    Abigail Gray
    Joseph Macky
    Ann Macky
    Richard Mathewes
    Alexr: Sweethen
    John Lennox
    Thos. Toulerton
    William Sweethen
    William Hampton
    George Garner
    William Alen
    david kell

    Joseph Mackie,' of Kincon, County Armagh, "being advanced in years," made his will April 7, 1760 and it was probated April 17, 1760. Directs that he be buried in graveyard at " Munny Hill." To son Benjamin, " My Cheese Press and no more having already Provided for him." To grandson, John Mackie, son of William, deceased, £6 when he is twenty-one. To Hannah Wicklow one cow or £1 in case there is no cow. To Jane frizle, 5s. To Sarah Allen, 5s. To Martha Jackson, 5s. To Ann Hobson, 5s. To Margaret Fox, 4s. and check reel. To John Keller "my clothes." Mentions sons Samuel and William Mackie. David Bell and Nicholas Raye to be executors.
    John J Mackie

    hew wat
    David Kell
    John Kell
    (Bay 4, A' Tray, Mo. 8, Public Record Office, Dublin.)

    Children of Joseph and Ann (Sweethen) Mackey:
    1. William Mackey died prior to his father. Had a son John.
    2. John Mackie, of Kincon, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, Ireland, and Elizabeth Hinshaw, of Grange, Parish of "Clanfeakill," County Tyrone, were married, loMo. (Dec.) 12, 1733, in Meeting House near Charlemont, County Tyrone. Among the signers were: John Mackie, Elizabeth Mackie, Jacob .Marshal, Thomas Greer, Benjamin Marshel, William Poell, Thomas Griffith, William Mackie, Sarah Mackie, Joseph Marshel, Joseph Mackie, William Allan, John Allan, Jacob Hinshaw, William Vance, James Morton.
    3. Rebecca Mackey, born about 1716, married Jacob Hinshaw and removed to Pennsylvania in 1741.
    4. Margaret (?) m. ______ Fox (?).
    5. Benjamin Mackee, of Kincon, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, son of Joseph Mackey, and Mary, daughter of William Williamson, of Ballyhagen, said Parish, were married 2 Mo. 1, 1742, at Ballyhagen. Some of those who signed certificate were: Joseph, William, John, Ann, John, Samuel, William and Benjamin Mackie.
    6. Samuel Mackey, living in 1760.
    7. Ann Mackie, daughter of Joseph Mackie, of Kincon, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, and Frances Hobson, of Drumolley, Parish of Loughgall, County Armagh, were married 9 Mo. 25, 1741, in Meeting House at Ballyhagen. Among signers were: Francis Hobson, Ann Hobson, Joseph, Benjamin, William, John, Samuel, Benjamin and John Mackie, and Ruth Marsh.
    8. Hannah (?), m. ______ Wicklow (?).
    9. Jane Mackie, daughter of Joseph and Ann, b. 2 Mo. 20, 1704; m. _______ Frizle (?)
    10. Sarah (?), m. ______ Allen (?).
    11. Martha (?), m. Jackson (?).
  2. WiLLiam Mackie (son of John), of Rockmacreany, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, made his will 10 Mo. 20, 1735. To be buried in the Money. £6 to poor of Ballyhagen Meeting. Mentions son-in-law, Jacob Sinton; grandson, William Sinton; son, Samuel Mackie; brother Benjamin's three sons, John, William, and Joseph; Benjamin Mackie's daughters, Mary and Jean; sister, Rebecca Smith; John Kell; William, son of Joseph Mackie; Jane Mackie, daughter of Samuel; daughter Sarah Sinton; grandsons, Thomas and Jacob Sinton. (Records of Ballyhagen Meeting.)
  3. Benjamin Mackey (son of John), of Rockmackany, Parish of Kilmore, County Armagh, and Sarah, daughter of John Williamson, of Ballyhagen, were married at Ballyhagen Meeting, 3 Mo. 24, 1716. Among those who signed the marriage certificate were John Williamson and Jane, William, Joseph, and Ann Mackey. They resided at Drumore, Parish Mullobrack, County Armagh. Children were:
    1. John Mackie (son of Benjamin ?), of Parish Loughall, County Armagh, and Katharine Meredith, of Parish of Blaris, County Down, were married 2 Mo. (Apr.) 22, 1737, in Meeting House in Lisburn, County Antrim. Among signers were: John Mackie, Katharine Mackie, John Meredith, Jacob Hinshaw, Benjamin Mackie, John Hinshaw.
    2. William Mackie.
    3. Mary Mackie, daughter of Benjamin Mackie, of Drumore, Parish Mullobrack, County Armagh, and Robert Smith of Corabeak, Parish Kile, County Armagh, were married 9 Mo. 21, 1739, at Ballyhagen. Among signers were: Robert Smith, Mary Smith, James Smith, and Benjamin, John, William, John, Samuel, Joseph, Ann, Samuel, Jane, and Benjamin Mackie.
    4. Jane Mackie, daughter of Benjamin Mackie, of Drumore, Parish of Mullaghbrack, County Armagh, and Joseph Meredith, of Ahentriske, Parish Blaris, County Down, were married 9 Mo. 30, 1740.
    5. Joseph Mackie.
  4. Rebecca Mackey, m. Smith.
  5. Martha Mackey and William Allen, both of Ballyhagen Meeting, were married at that meeting, 1 Mo. 6, 1700.
In 1681, "John Macky [County Down] had taken from him for Tithe, by Hugh Powell and Edmond MacElcoshker, two Stooks of wheat, eleven Stooks of Oats and two Stooks of Barly, all worth seventeen shillings."—Stockdale, 175.
Mary Sweethen, of Cloughan, Parish Kilmore, County Armagh, was married, 8 Mo. 22, 1702, to John Lenox of Drycroency, Parish Clanfekill, at Ballyhagen Meeting; among signers were Alexander Sweethen, John Hinshaw, Dorothy Hinshaw, Elinor Whinery, Roliert Lennox, Thomas Hinshaw, John Whinery.
1. Marriage Book Ballyhagen (Richhill) Meeting.

Ballinacree Meeting.—At Ulster Province Meeting, 2 Mo. 27, 1702, "The former desire from this meeting concerning building a meeting house for yt meeting near Ballymony being renewed & discoursed att this meeting butt for want of Some friends from yt & Colerain meetings this meeting cannot have So Satisfactory account as they could desire what methods may he taken to answer friends desire in ye matter: therefore its ye desire of this meeting yt one or more friends from those meetings do allways hereafter attend yr pro: meeting & yt if no progress be made towards building a meeting house nor James Moore ye younger willing to accept or receive ye meeting or allow ground to build a meeting house upon, then ye mens Meet, of yt quarter is desired to endeavour to gett a convenient place about ye center of friends to build a meeting house & conveniency for friends horses. And if ye friends of those meetings are nott willing to be at ye charge, to propose ye Same to this meeting who is willing to help & advise ym therein, concerning, which this meeting desires answer to ye next province meeting."
At the Province Meeting 4 Mo. 21, 1707, "Friends of Ballymony meeting give account yt [they] are making preparation towards building a meeting house, tho they have not yett gott ye place made Sure So they are Still desire to continue their care."
Whether or not the plans for building a meeting-house were carried out at this time I have been unable to determine. In 1796, Thomas Scattergood (Memoirs, 190) records in his journal that he "Rode to Ballynacree, and on the 22d (1 Mo.) held the preparative Meeting. This meetinghouse joins a dwelling, and on sitting down, it seemed like sitting in a cellar: two men, two women and three children composed it." On a visit in 1809, Thomas Shillitoe (Life of Friends' Library, 120-1) says that Ballinacree Meeting consisted of parts of two families and that the Meeting-house was under the same roof as a dwelling. On my visit in 1900 I found that the Society at this place was extinct and was unable to locate the site of the meeting-house; but I saw the old Friends' burial ground called the Lamb's Fold, at Enogh, near O'Hara Brook, about two miles west of Ballymoney.

James Moore,' Quaker, was residing on an extended estate in the Townland of Ballinacree, about three miles to the northwest of Ballymoney, Parish of Hallymoney, County Antrim, Ireland, as early as 1675. In that year he had "taken from him for Tithe, by James Cunningham, Tithemonger under John Dunbar Priest of Bellimunny Parish, twelve Stooks of Barley, forty nine Stooks of Oats, and seven car-loads of Hey, all worth three pounds four shillings six pence." (Stockdale, A Great Cry of Oppression, 48, printed in 1683.) The following year the same "Priest" took his oats, barley, wheat, and hay to the value of £2. 13s.; and thus each year down to 1682 he suffered a similar loss. In 1682, the birth of a son is thus recorded in the Friends' Registers: John Moore, son of James and Elizabeth Moore, of Ballynacree, County Antrim, was born 6 Mo. 9, 1682.
A Friends' Meeting (Rutty, 343) was established at Ballinacree, near Ballymoney, in 1673, and doubtless was held at James Moore's house, as later meetings were regularly held there. John Gratton, a Quaker minister, notes in his Journal (183) under date of 6 Mo. 14, 1696, that he lodged at "J Moor's " at Ballinacree. James Moore's daughter Alice was married in a Friends' Meeting at his own house, 10 Mo. 17, 1697, to Thomas Irwin, of Lisnegarvy (Minutes of Ulster Province Meeting). 6 Mo. 13, 1698 at the Province Meeting there is mention of "ye men and womens meeting held at James Moors ye 3th of ye 2 Mo. 1698." From this time on there are constant references to this meeting. In 1698, James Moore, of Ballymoney, was appointed on a committee of the Province Meeting to obtain subscribers for Barclay's Apology.
Thomas Story, a Quaker minister, gives the following account (Journal, 537) of his visit to the Moores, in 1716:
"On the 18th [7 Mo.], the great Rains having raised the Waters, we had but a small Meeting at Dunclaudy; but a very broken tender Time it was, and we were generally comforted. That Evening I went forward about ten Miles to James Moor's at Ballimuny; but his Wife being ill he directed us to his Son James about a mile farther; where we staid that night.
"On the 19th I had a Meeting near James Moor's, the elder; which was small, being Harvest, and wet weather, and not so open as the last; and yet a good Meeting. That Evening I went over the River again to Ely Crocket's."
The following is an abstract of the will of James Moore, made in 1727, and probated by his three sons who are styled "Quakers":(Public Record Office in Dublin.)
Abstract of the will of James Moore, of Ballynacreemore, Parish of Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland, dated Dec. 29, 1727.
My son Wm. Moore out of the £500 he oweth me by bonds to pay the following legacies: to his son John Moore £100: to his son Clotworthy Moore £50; to his son James Moore £50; to his daughter Jean Whittsitt £5o. The remaining ;if 250 I leave and bequeath to himself. I also bequeath to him the Quarter Land of Lischeighan during his natural life, then to his son John Moore and his heirs male forever, and failing male heirs in him to the next of male kindred; also to him my silver Tankard.
My son James Moore out of the £500 he oweth me by bond to pay the following legacies: to the five children of my son George Moore,—William, James, George, Sarah, and Elizabeth Moore, £20 each when they come of age, with interest at six per cent; to my daughter Alice Erwin's children £100 and six small silver spoons—the £100 to be put at interest and the interest to be paid to my daughter Alice Erwin during her life and at her death to be given to her children as she is pleased to appoint; to my grandson William Moore, son of John Moore, £50. Then, I bequeath the remaining £250 to himself. Also, I leave to my son James Moore my tenant right of Ballinacreemore and my part of Unckunagh, Claughy, Enogh, and Cabragh, he or his executors paying to my daughter Alice Erwin during the present lease £20 per year out of said profit rent. I bequeath to my said son James Moore the Quarterland of Beltyton "and my bigg Bible and silver drinking dram coops'' during his natural life and then to his son William Moore and his heirs male forever.
To my son John Moore the bonds due me by him and the interest due on them.
To my son George Moore 5s. and the debt he is due me by bonds and otherwise.
Joseph Moore out of the .^550 he oweth me by bonds to pay the following legacies: to daughter Elizabeth Whitsitt £100 and four silver spoons; to the children of my daughter Sarah Henderson alias Courteny £100 at the death of their mother it being put to interest at six per cent to be paid to her during her life yearly and at her death to be divided among her children of the name of Courteny; to my granddaughter Elizabeth Erwin £50, with four silver spoons, and the best bed and bed "close that I now possess"; to my granddaughter Elizabeth Crockett £20; to my said grandson, John Moore, the son of my son John Moore, £30. Then I leave the remaining £250 to my son Joseph Moore, as also my tenant right to the Quarterland of Broadmillan and the Quarterland of Rosnashane and 29 acres of Diserderrin as now in his possession during his natural life; then to his son William Moore and his heirs male forever.
To my daughter Frances Wilkinson the right of a lease I let to her son William Wilkinson and the right of the lease let to William Moore of Drumrahegle in trust for her and husband, her husband paying the rent.
Sons William, James, and Joseph Moore appointed executors.
James Moore.

The following are the children of James Moore,2 probably all by his wife Elizabeth:(See Burke's Landed Gentry, II., 1422-3 (London, 1894).)
  1. Alice Moore was married 10 Mo. 17, 1697, at a Friends' meeting at her father's house, to Thomas Erwin, of Lisnegarvey. Had a daughter Elizabeth and other children.
  2. A Daughter, who married Crockett and had a daughter, Elizabeth Crockett.
  3. William Moore, by his father's will, received the Quarterland of Lischeighan. In 1702 he settled at Killead, County Antrim, and became High Sheriff of Antrim in 1718. He married Clotworthy, and had issue: (1) John Moore, of Moore's Grove, County Antrim, High Sheriff of Antrim in 1733, grandfather of Captain Roger Moore, of Killead, who was High Sheriff of Antrim in 1750, and who, in conjunction with Captain Thomas Thompson, in 1760, marched a contingent of 173 volunteers from Killead and vicinity to oppose the landing of the French at Carrickfergus; (2) Clotworthy; (3) James; (4) Jean, married ______ Whitsitt.
  4. James Moore, Jr., of Ballymoney Meeting, and Susanna Whitsite, of Grange Meeting, near Charlemont, were married by Friends' ceremony at the latter meeting, 10 Mo. 24, 1701. From his father he inherited the estate of Ballinacreemore, Unckunagh, Claughy, Enogh, Cabragh, and the Quarterland of Beltyton. James Moore, Jr., continued in membership with Friends, the meetings being held at his house. His son, William Moore, inherited the Ballinacree estate. The latter died, leaving an only daughter Susanna, who married ______ Strettle. At her death Ballinacree passed to her cousin, Samson Moore, a descendant of X. Joseph Moore.
  5. John Moore, of Lurgan, County Armagh, was married 4 Mo. 24, 1702, at the Friends' Meeting at Lurgan, to Ruth Hoope, of Lurgan. Children, born at Lurgan: William, b. 8 Mo. 21, 1704; Francis, b. 2 Mo. i, 1705; Eleanor, b. 2 Mo. 24, 1707; James, b. 5 Mo. 9, 1708; Robert, b. 4 Mo. 9, 1709.
  6. VI.
  7. George Moore, married, 7 Mo. 2, 1702, at Lurgan Meeting, Mary Hoope, of Lurgan. Had five children: William, James, George, Sarah, and Elizabeth.
    Antrim, "Linnen Draper," and Mary Gregg, daughter of George Gregg, of Parish of Termoneny, County Londonderry, farmer, were married 2 Mo. (Apr.) 14, 1737, at Toberhead. Signers to certificate were:
    William Holems
    William Moore
    Andrew Spotswod
    William Reeves
    Samson Brady
    Lewes Raford
    John Evens
    John Downing
    Jackson Clark
    Robert Clark
    William Gregg
    Samson Moore
    Mary Hancock
    Mary Richardson
    Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore
    William Moore
    Mary Moore
    George Gregg
    Thomas Gregg
    William Whitsitt
    William Whitsitt
    James Moore
    John Moore
    Joseph Moore
    Marriage Book of Ulster Quarterly Meeting, 40.

  8. Elizabeth Moore, was married, 11 Mo. 2, 1705, at the meeting at her father's house, to Joseph Whitsite, of Grange near Charlemont.
  9. Sarah Moore, married, ist, Henderson, and 2d, 12 Mo. 9, 1708, at a meeting at her father's house, Joseph Courtney, of Grange Meeting. She had children by second marriage.
  10. Frances Moore, married Wilkinson, and had at least one son, William Wilkinson.
  11. Joseph Moore, of Ballymoney Meeting, and Susanna Brady, of Grange Meeting, County Antrim, were married 12 Mo. 6, 1706-7, at Grange Meeting. (Minutes of Ulster Province Meeting). Joseph Moore, by his father's will of 1727, received the Ouarterlands of Broadmillan and Rosnashane, and 29 acres of Desertderrin (now called Moore Lodge), County Antrim. Issue: (1) William, eldest son; (2) James, of Desertderrin, ancestor of the Moores, of Moore Fort, County Antrim; (3) John, b. 1712, ancestor, of the Moores of Lischeihan; (4) Joseph, b. 1716, of Ahoghill, hne extinct; (5) Samson, of Moore Lodge, High Sheriff of Antrim, 1767, died 1775; (6) George.
    (1.) William Moore, the eldest son, of Rosnashane, b. Aug. 4, 1708, m. Elizabeth Courtney, of Glenburn, and had three daughters and two sons (1. Joseph, Barrister at-Law, and 2. William).
    Of these two sons, 2. William Moore of Killagan, County Antrim, High Sheriff, in 1778, m. the daughter of Rev. J. Warren, Rector of Kilrea, County Londonderry, and had two sons: (a) Samson, of Moore Lodge, who subsequently came into the Ballinacree estate on the death of his cousin Susanna Strettle. He was Captain in the Antrim Regiment; married Sarah, daughter of William Warren, and died without issue in 1843, when Ballinacree1 was sold out of the Moore family, (b) William, officer in the 3d Dragoons, afterwards Captain in the Antrim Regiment, and High Sheriff of Antrim, 1808. He succeeded his brother Samson in the Moore Lodge estates on the accession of the latter to the Ballinacree estates. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Rothe, Esq., of Mount Rothe, County Kilkenny, and was succeeded by his son, George, on whose death, unmarried, Moore Lodge was inherited by his cousin
William Moore, son of Samson (d. 1832), grandson of Alexander' (d. 1840), and great-grandson of (i) Joseph, Barrister. William Moore, the above, of Moore Lodge, J. P., M.D., was born on Nov. 13, 1826, and died 1901. Was High Sheriff, County Antrim, 1890; President of the King and Queen's College of Physicians, Ireland, 1883-1884; King's Professor of Medicine, Trinity College, Dublin; was appointed Physician-in-Ordinary to the Queen in Ireland, in 1885. He m. Sept. 3, 1863, Sydney Blanche, daughter of Captain Abraham Fuller, of Woodfield. Children: William; John; Alexander; George; Sydney; and Roger Clotworthy.
Of these, William Moore,4 Jr., b. Nov. 22,1864; K. C, 1899; M. P. (conservative) for North Antrim, since 1899; succeeded to the family estate of Moore Lodge.5 He was graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, with the degree of B.A., in 1888; was called to the Irish Bar in 1887 and the English Bar in 1899. Married Helen Gertrude, daughter of Joseph Wilson, D.L., of County Armagh, in 1888. Children: William Samson, b. April 17, 1891, etc.
Robert Moore, of Ballmoney Meeting, and Jennet Miller, of Dunclady Meeting, County Antrim, were m. 6 Mo. 6, 1703, at the house of the Widow Henderson, in Dunclady.
James Moore, of Ballyraoney Meeting, and Susanna Forster, of Antrim Meeting, were m. 5 Mo. 7, 1714, in the town of Antrim.
"David Moore and Mary Wilkisson both of Ballymony Meeting" were married "att ye house of James Moore near Ballymony ye 7th day of ye 4 Mo. 1715.
Joseph Moore, of Ballymoney and Mary Henderson, of Dunclady, were m. 3 Mo. 3, 1721, at the house of Katharine Henderson, in Dunclady.
William Moore, son of James Moore, of Parish of Ballymoney, County
1. According to the tradition in the family, the Moores came to Ireland from Cumberland, England, during the plantations of James I.
2. Ballinacree House, eventually passed into the hands of Marcus Gage, now deceased, who pulled down the old mansion and built a new one. When I visited the place in 1900 it was owned by Dr. Hamilton Ross.
3. Alexander's estate of Rosnashane was sold about 1844.
4. See Who's Who, 1902, page 920.
5. The estate of Moore Lodge, formerly called Desertderrin, is pleasantly situated on the River Bann, about six miles south of Ballinacree.

Immigration of Irish Quakers