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We specialize in old and rare out-of-print and hard-to-find genealogy books, history books, reference books, some reprinted modern or new books, and maps of various kinds. If you can't find a title in our listings, please Send E-Mail with a title and author query. We have thousands of titles available through our genealogy book partners. Please feel free to ask questions about any book. If you have any old books available for sale please send us an email list, and we will let you know if we might be interested in purchasing any or all of them. We also carry some e-books that offer an inexpensive alternative to printed books, especially in regards to rare or other generally unavailable works.


JAMES SMITH, Frontier Patriot
A biographical profile of Colonel James Smith 1737-1812

Special Genealogy Sale Dedicated to the Author

Thomas Price Smith (Died January 9, 2010)

Signed by the author

Brand new in mint condition. SIGNED / 4TH PRINTING, © Copyright 2003, 124 page 7 1/2 in x 10 in softcover. For the first time this book brings together important early information about the interesting life of this relatively unknown early American hero. He was captured and lived with the indians for 5 years. He escaped, returned home and became the leader of the infamous and patriotic "Black Boys," which fought the Indians and later, the British on the Western Frontier. This book contains original art work by the author.


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There are many Web sites such as that allow you to enter books that are new enough to have an ISBN number, but there are few to none that allow you to enter old and rare vintage and antique books that are too early to have an ISBN number... Until now that is! This Web site not only allows you to list your older books, it also allows you to buy them, sell them, or trade them! (Simply specify information in the proper fields, and add the necessary text to describe your item and your wishes.) You can even enter other non-book items that you are selling. No pornography, pirated, or other illegal items are allowed.

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Those selling on this site are encouraged to buy from each other as a mutual incentive to continue to list their book inventory and other items here. All used items listed on this page are by definition sold "as-is". Ask the seller questions before you buy! Some items listed below are also listed in other (multiple) venues, and may not be available if recently sold from another venue. Another great place to list yor books is Almost all books listed here are also listed on our new Book Store, and can be puchased there via the purchase links listed below. And, our books listed on have a 30 day return policy!

Almost all books listed by the owners of this Web site ( / C.Bard) are stored in a smoke-free environment and the small to medium sized books are shelved and shipped in clear plastic storage envelopes. If you purchase a small to medium title that has a dust jacket please ask for a FREE Brodart (Mylar) clear, protective plastic, dust jacket cover, (a spcial courtesy to buyers who purchase here). We would like our other sellers to do the same to encourage good-will among our little community of sellers and buyers. These Mylar covers can be purchased relatively inexpensively, in different sizes, from All of our items priced at about $50.00 or over include insurance. Items under $50.00 usually include FREE USPS Delivery Confirmation.

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