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JAMES SMITH, Frontier Patriot
Captive – Soldier – Explorer – Legislator – Missionary – Author
A biographical profile of Colonel James Smith 1737-1812

Special Genealogy Sale Dedicated to the Author:

Thomas Price Smith (Died January 9, 2010)

SIGNED by the author

Col. James Smith

Brand new in mint condition. SIGNED 4TH PRINTING, © Copyright 2003, 124 page 7 1/2 in x 10 in softcover.  For the first time this book brings together important early information about the interesting life of this relatively unknown early American hero. He was captured and lived with the indians for 5 years. He escaped, returned home and became the leader of the infamous and patriotic "Black Boys," which fought the Indians and later, the British on the Western Frontier. This book contains original art work by the author. Personalized signing available upon request at standard pricing (shown below).

Price: $99.95 + $4.00 S&H

Includes information about:
The Western Frontier, The Black Boys, Indian captivity and escape, the Smith family, Ohio expedition, Sidling Hill, Tennessee and Kentucky exploration, Capture of Ft. Loudon and Ft. Bedford, frontier politics, land claims, the Logan Massacre, Revolutionary War, independence, early government and military, the British, General Washington, frontier warfare, French Creek, Jacob's Creek, Cane Ridge, frontier missionary work, Paris, Kentucky, Kentucky statehood, slavery, Shakerism, Illinois and Missouri Territories, land pirates, War of 1812, Indian warfare, Fort Wayne, frontier maps, early genealogy, wills and personal papers.

This book publishes for the first time; early documents, maps, photos, letters, wills, etc. that have connection to Col. James Smith. Some documents and illustrations included in this book are:
A Portrait of Colonel James Smith at about 70 years of age (Ca 1800-1810); sketch of "The affair at Sidling Hill"; sketch of the trek to Ft. Chiswell (Chissel); 1773 letter describing James Smith scouting the "Blue Lick" area on the Kentucky River; 1777 letter to Gen. Edward Hand at Ft. Pitt; a militia document listing the return of various troops including: James Smith, Providence Mounts, Joseph McGarrough, Leech, Baird, Mitchell, Darrans, Goe, McGrew, Emason, Lindsey, Sherrar, Kaleklezer, White, Carr, Caldwell, Fitzgerald, Stewart, Vance, Sampson, Christy, Gray, Catarmus, Snodgrass, Plummers, Tucker, Whitaker, Hays, Matlack, Kate, Meason, Hickman, Kerr, Wells, Lochry, Scott, Cochran; A 1786 Marriage Bond between Col. James Smith and Margaret Rodgers Irvin; 1788 Ohio River raft trip; Ohio River navigation chart; sketch of "The Revival" meeting at Cane Ridge in 1801; Cover print of an early book about Col James Smith; 1812 "Call to Arms" from William Henry Harrison; 1812 letter from Col. James Smith to Col. Robert Patterson, William Smith, and Andrew Rodgers concerning an expedition to Ft. Wayne after its siege by the Indians; 1748 Will of Robert Smith (father of Col. James Smith); genealogy chart from John "The Smith" MacDonald to Col. James Smith showing descendants to colonial times. early map of Southwest Pennsylvania; early map of Northeast Ohio; 1766-1767 early map of Col. James Smith's probable exploration route.

Surnames mentioned are:
Adams, Allen, Andrick, Armstrong, Asallecoa, Austin, Baker, Barbee, Bard, Barkley, Barnett, Barr, Barrett, Bates, Bay, Beddinger, Beeler, Boone, Bouquet, Boubon, Braddock, Bradford, Brant, Brown, Buchanan, Burd, Byrd, Caldwell, Calhoon, Callender, Campbell, Canasatauga, Carmichael, Carnaghan, Caughnawaga, Cessna, Cherokee, Chickamaughgas, Chiswell, Christian, Clark, Clay, Conn, Connolly, Cochran, Cook, Cornstalk, Coulter, Cox, Craig, Crawford, Crockett, Crogan, Cunningham, Delaware, Drake, Draper, Duffield, Duncan, Dunlavy, Dunmore, Easton, Edwards, Elliot, Elliott, Finley, Flanigan, Forbes, Franklin, Galloway, Garard, George, Girty, Gist, Gittings, Grant, Greathouse, Green, Gregg, Guyasuta, Hale, Hall, Hallock, Hamilton, Hand, Hannah, Harrison, Henry, Henderson, Hinkston, Hoge, Hood, Horton, Hoew, Howell, Hull, Huston, Ireland, Iroquois, Irvin, Jamie, Jamison, Jefferson, Jillson, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Keller, King, Latta, Laughlin, Lavingair, Lee, Lewis, Lochry, Logan, Luckey, Lyle, Lyon, MacDonald, Marquis, Marshall, Martin, Mary, McClanahan, McClellen, McClure, McComb, McCommon, McConnell, McCune, McDowell, McGary, McGee, McGlashan, McIntosh, McKenny, McKinney, M'Clane, McNamera, McNemar, McPheeters, Meacham, Miamis, Mingoes, Mitchell, Mohawks, Mohicans, Moore, Moorhead, Mounts, Nailer, Neville, Nunganey, Onondagas,
Orbison, Ottawas, Owaneeyo, Owens, Page, Parker, Patterson, Patton, Paxton, Payton, Peyton, Penn, Peebles, Pentecost, Pepper, Perry, Piery, Pettitt, Petty, Piper, Pontiac, Pope, Pottowatomy, Powell, Pringle, Proctor, Purviance, Pyett, Rankin, Rannels, Ready Money, Rhodes, Rice, Rittenhouse, Robb, Robinett, Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers, Roos, Ross, Ruddell, Scaggins, Scholl, Scoouwa, Soouwa, Senecas, Shaker, Sharp, Shawnees, Shelby, Sheltowee, Shields, Smith, St. Clair, Steel, Steele, Stewart, Stone, Stoner, Stuart, Susquehannas, Swanson, Taylor, Tecaughretanego, Tecumseh, Thompson, Todd, Tontileaugo, Trudeau, Tulhasaga, Tull, Vigoras, Vincent, Waller, Ward, Washington, Wayne, Welsh, Wilkins, Wilson, Winchester, Wolfe, Woods, Work, Worley, Wyandots, Young, Youngs.

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