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Washington County Iowa

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Button imageW. E. Woodburn (no image) Moses Woodburn
Esther Woodburn
Elizabeth Wattles
Lawrence C. Woodburn
Louis F. Woodburn
Jennie McClaughlin
Pearl Woodburn
Fannie (Woodburn, Stewart) Bookwalter
Frank Stewart
Christ. Bookwalter
Theodocia Woodburn
Annie Potter
Amelia Chapin
Libbie Woodburn
John W. Woodburn
Thodore Woodburn
Wilson L. Woodburn
Wilson L. Woodburn
N. U. Fogg
Button imageSamuel Erdice (no image)
John Erdice
Jane Erdice
Rachel Fell
George Fell
Rachel (Campbell) Fell
Andrew Fell
Aylett Fell
Elizabeth Fell
Alpheus S. Erdice
Allie (Erdice) Spalding
Eliza Stewart<
Kennedy Stewart
Eleanor Erdice
Clyde Erdice
Lelia Erdice
Earl Erdice
A. E. Spalding
Button imageJ. C. Leasure (no image)
J. H. Leasure
R. A. (Upson) Leasure
Hattie A. Leasure
H. E. Leasure
J. W. Leasure
A. C. Leasure
G. H. Leasure
Harry Leasure
Emily A. Moore
John P. Moore
Cynthia (Huffman) Moore
R. J. McCleary
E. C. McCleary
H. C. Scheib
William Voss
Harry M. Leasure
Arthur J. Leasure
Olive H. Leasure
Metta L. Leasure
Button imageCapt. J. A. Baughman (no image)
Andrew Baughman
Maria C. (Smith) Baughman
Sue M. McCoy
Button imageWilliam J. Lewis (no image)
Jesse Lewis
Anna (Little) Lewis
Elizabeth Smith
Jesse Lewis Jr.
Sarah Poulson
John Poulson
Sarah Poulson (1st)
Sarah (Lewis) Little
Calvin Little
John P. Lewis
Atherin (Lewis) Loveless
B. Loveless
William J. Lewis
Martha (Lewis) Waters
Henry Waters
Mary J. (Roat) Mcain
John Roat
Rachel (Lyons) Roat
Samuel McKain
James M. McKain
Job R. McKain
Augusta (McKain) Dillon
William Dillon
Charles M. McKain
Alfred M. McKain
Martha L. (McKain) Jones
Henry H. Jones
Button imageIsrael H. Friend (no image)
Lucy A. McCulloch
John G. McCulloch
Isabella (Mullen) McCulloch
Amanda (McCulloch) Atkinson
David B. Atkinson
John W. McCulloch
VAl (McCulloch) Sheridan
George W. Sheridan
James N. McCulloch
Alvin M. Friend
Gilbert M. Friend
Button imageJ. F. R. Leonard (no image)
John Leonard
Hannah (Reinhart) Leonard
Jim Lane
John Brown
Margaret A. Sands
Benjamin Sands
Rosanna (Henderson) Sands
Hannah R. Leonard
Lillie M. Leonard
Hattie J. Leonard
John B. Leonard
Archie B. Leonard
Button imageGilmore Vincent (no image)
Thomas Vincent
Mary (Parr) Vincent
Thomas B. Vincent
N. C. Lewis
William D. Lewis
Melissa (Vincent) Herold
D. Herold
Addison Vincent
Retta (Vincent) Alexander
Samuel Alexander
Eva (Vincent) Samuel Longacre
Lillie Vincent
Ira Vincent
Robert Vincent
Thaddeus S. Vincent
Rena Vincent
Button imageSamuel Thompson (no image)
Jason Thompson
Nancy A. (Watson) Thompson
Eleanor Maxwell
Robert Maxwell
Cora B. Thompson
Nancy C. Thompson
Robert M. Thompson
Martha A. Thompson
Nelson W. Thompson
Button imageThomas Colthurst (no image)
Fannie Reistine
William Colthurst
Isabel (Colthurst) Neal
Theodore Neal
Ann Lawson
Isaac Colthurst
Mattie (Colthurst) Pearson
Cal. Pearson
Ettie (Colthurst) Stewart
James Stewart
Mary Colthurst
Bertha Rogers
John T. Rogers
Melinda Rogers
Carrie Colthurst
Button imageAllen Singmaster (no image)
Charles Singmaster
Eliza (Heist) Singmaster
Katie Carnahan
Richmond Carnahan
Harry Singmaster
Orvis Singmaster
Ernest Singmaster
Minnie Singmaster
Bessie Singmaster
Ethel Singmaster
Allen Singmaster
Carl Singmaster
Stanley Singmaster
Thomas Seevers
Button imageDaniel Anderson (no image)
Peter Anderson
Jane (Gilkison) Anderson
Nancy Davis
Samuel Davis
W. A. Anderson
Alonzo Anderson
Sarah B. Todd
Abel Todd
John Anderson
Frank Anderson
Charles E. Anderson
Button imageDavid L. Amspoker (no image)
Alexander Amspoker
Mary (Lyons) Amspoker
Eliza (Amspoker) Dunning
Almon Dunning
Samuel Amspoker
James Amspoker
Mary Amspoker
Martha (Amspoker) Mitchel
Hugh Mitchel
Sarah J. Nelson
William Nelson
Ann Nelson
Martha Nelson
Mary Nelson
Lizzie (Nelson) Hall
John Hall
Lurena (Amspoker) Lewis
Mathew Lewis
Frank Amspoker
Etta Amspoker
Myrtle Amspoker
Anna Amspoker
Alex B. Amspoker
William N. Amspoker
Ross L. Amspoker
Button imageT. H. Ashton (no image)
John Ashton
Frances (Baker) Ashton
Hannah Roman
John Roman
Mary Roman
Button imageCapt. Samuel Alexander Russell (no image)
Samuel Russell, Sr.
Elizabeth (Campbell) Russell
William H. Russell
Elizabeth Jane Russell
John A. Bingham
Edgar Cowan
Chaunce Dewey
Edwin M. Stanton
Mary Ann Crawford
Dr. Isaac Crawford
Walker Neal
Joseph Neal
Robert Neal
Henry Clay Russell
Mary Elizabeth (Russell) Miles
Martha Agnes (Russell) Harper
G. G. Bennett
Amanda Cowden
Elizabeth Cowden
Mary A. Cowden
Dr. J. D. Miles
Melville Miles
Corinne Miles
Capt. J. W. Harper
Samuel Russell Harper
Susan Cooper Harper
Button imageHiram Wallingford (no image)
Joseph Wallingford
Susan (Conway) Wallingford
John Conway
Nicholas Wallingford
Evaline Henderson
Susan J. Wallingford
Mary E. (Wallingford) Heatherington
Joseph A. Heatherington
David H. Wallingford
Martha Harvey
Hiram J. Wallingford
Lizzie (Wallingford) Glasgow
Joseph Glasgow
Clara Wallingford
James Henderson
David Henderson
Annie M. Heatherington
Susan M. Heatherington
Hiram G. Glasgow
Button imageRobert H. Fulton (no image)
James Fulton
Jane (Hays) Fulton
Robert Fulton
Margaret Fleming
James Fleming
Jane (Black) Fleming
James B. Fulton
George M. Fulton
Clara Jane Fulton
Harper Allen Fulton
Emma Luella Fulton
Eliazabeth Ann Fulton
William Fulton
Button imageW. W. Wells (image)
Curtis Wells
Wealthy (Warner) Wells
Harriet Russell
Curtis Wells (2d)
Franklin Wells
Russell Wells
Jared Wells
Donnell Wells
Harriet Wells
Wealthy Wells
Henry Wells
Maria Wells
Dr. Payne
David Brown
Rebecca Jackson
Samuel Jackson
Franklin Wells (2d)
Maria (Wells) Smith
Wesley Smith
Curtis R. Wells
Edwin Wells
William P. Wells
Inez A. (Wells) Martin
Seymour Martin
Button imageWilliam H. Anderson (no image)
Samuel T. Anderson
Margaret E. (Crow) Anderson
Rosella S. Sweet
Oliver S. Sweet
Charity (Hayden) Sweet
D. Wiley Anderson
Marion E. Anderson
Nellie M. Anderson
Button imageSamuel C. Gardner (no image)
William M. Gardner
Aner (Merritt) Gardner
E. J. Young
John A. Young
Nancy Young
Howard B. Gardner
Aner E. Gardner
Button imageWilliam G. Gamon (no image)
Evan Gamon
Mary Ann (May) Gamon
Rachel Putnam
Jacob G. Putnam
Ellen (Edmondson) Putnam
Mary A. Gamon
Sarah Gamon
William R. Gamon
Winnie Ellen Gamon
Elizabeth Gamon
Hannah Belle Gamon
Eva May Gamon
Button imageJ. P. McKenzie (no image)
Allen McKenzie
Deborah (Morton) McKenzie
Phoebe McClelland
John McClelland
Anna E. (Keister) McClelland
Josephine E. (McKenzie) Keister
Dr. Milton Keister
Anna R. (McKenzie) Tedford
Rev. James P. Tedford
J. Paul Tedford
Madge M. (McKenzie) Solomon
Dr. G. A. Solomon
Button imageEllis Walton (no image)
Isaac Walton
Ellen (Davis) Walton
William Penn
Jacob Dillon
Walter Dillon
Elizabeth J. Edwards
Gideon Edwards
Mary (Dillon) Edwards
Isaac Walton (2d)
Ann M. (Walton) Dunbar
Freeman Dunbar
Mary Walton
Ellen Walton
George Walton
Charles Walton
Latta Tory
Jane Walton
Sarah Walton
Ellis Walton
Kate Kendall
William Walton
John Walton
Thomas Walton
Button imageThomas W. Livingston (no image)
William H. Livingston
Catherine (Bain) Livingston
Ettie Breed
Henry N. Breed
Carrie (Seeley) Breed
Minnie E. Livingston
Button imageM. G. Campbell (no image)
Mark Campbell
Anna (Adams) Campbell
Mary L. Vaughn
John Vaughn
John W. Campbell
Etta Carson
Harry Campbell
W. L. Campbell
Anna (Campbell) Cocklin
A. Cocklin
Frank Campbell
E. Belle Campbell
Mark Campbell
James L. Campbell
Button imageFrank X. Scherrer (no image)
John ScherrerAnna (Eihangel) Scherrer
John Scherrer (Jr.)
W. B. Ford
Louis Scherrer
Jacob Scherrer
Harmann Swankey
Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
Mary Scherrer
Rev. Father Mischbauf
Joseph Critz
Josephine Scherrer
Fanny (Scherrer) Woodward
Edward Scherrer
Oscar Scherrer
Norman Scherrer
Amelia Scherrer
Edward Woodward
Button imageJ. S. Adams (no image)
Isaac H. Adams
Belinda (Stinson) Adams
Robert Adams
Patience (Adams) Holson
N. A. Holson
James H. Adams
Maggie (Adams) Allen
T. A. Allen
H. W. Adams
Hannah O. (Dawson) Adams
Isaac Dawson
Penelope Dawson
Sarah Dawson
William Dawson
John P. Dawson
Caroline (Dawson) Adams
Rosa L. (Dawson) Utterback
B. D. Utterback
James Dawson
Ettie (Dawson) McCan
Mr. McCan
Patience (Adams) Sherfey
Elbridge Sherfey
Pearl Sherfey
John Sherfey
Harvey Adams
Grace Mickey
Maggie (Adams) Miller
M. Miller
Earl Miller
John Adams
Minnie Adams
Frank Adams
Grace Adams
Faith Adams
Ortus Adams
Flossie M. Adams
Button imageEugene Anderson (no image)
Henry B. Anderson
Laura M. (Richardson) Anderson
T. S. Dougherty
S. C. Corbin
Anna E. Warren
Button imageJohn Hicks (image)
William Hicks
Sarah (Brooks) Hicks
Robert C. Hicks
William F. Hicks
Samuel Hicks
L. A. Pringle
Robert Pringle
Elizabeth Pringle
Maida M. (Hicks) Robinson
Charles Robinson
Cora B. Hicks
William M. Hicks
John Wesley Hicks
Button imageSamuel C. Storey (no image)
Marmaduke Storey
Rachel (Baggs) Storey
Elizabeth Lambert
Alfred P. Storey
Emma E. Levan
Augustus Levan
Sarah Levan
E. B. Storey
Lizzie D. Storey
William H. Storey

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Album Index Eight - pages 387-439
Album Index Nine - pages 439-480
Album Index Ten - pages 480-521
Album Index Eleven - pages 521-557
Album Index Twelve - pages 557-597
Album Index Thirteen - pages 597-631

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