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Andrew, born (???).
David, born (???).
Anna Maria, born (???).
Andrew Beyer died April 19, 1773, aged nearly 40

George Kriebel, son of Caspar Kriebel (page 11), married
Anna, daughter of Balthasar Anders (page 4), October
11, 1758. Their children were:
Abraham, born May 26, 1760.
Susanna, born July 1, 1761.
Jacob, born February 12, 1764.
Anna, born November 20, 1766.
G. K. died December 1, 1805, aged 73 years, 1 month,
22 days.
Anna, his widow, died June 4, 1822, aged 86 years, 2
months, less 4 days.
This is the Rev. George Kriebel who resided in Lower
Milford, Lehigh County; was well educated; in his
younger days taught school, and was many years a
minister of the society of Schwenkfelders, which position
he filled acceptably. He was frequently engaged
as a conveyancer and in settling differences in his vicinity.
He lived on the property owned now, 1879,
by a man of the name of Brey.

George Heydrick, son of Balthasar Heydrick (page 9),
married Rosina, daughter of Balthasar Krauss (page
19), June 17, 1760. Their children were:
Susanna, born June 10, 1761.
Balthasar, born November 13, 1765. Died February
4, 1846.
Eve, born January 17, 1767.
Rosina, born February 9, 1773. Died March 15,

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