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Books Perkins List Members have used in Perkins Research
You can find these books at either a LDS family history center or Library of Congress .

These are just some suggestions.
Title: A private proof printed in order to preserve certain matters connected with the Boston branch of the Perkins family
Author: T. R. Marvin & Son,
When Printed: 1890  Where: Boston.
Microfilm #57724 CS   LCCN#, 03007034
Subject: Perkins family, Perkins family  
(Edmund Perkins, d. 1693)
Title: A record of births, baptism, publications
marriages and death, in the Perkins family of Ipswich

Author: George Augustus Perkins
Where Printed: Salem  Printed at the Salem Press
When: 1872 
LCCN# 090012843
Subject: Perkins family 
(John Perkins, 1590-1654)

Author: Ancestors of Charles Brush Perkins and Maurice Perkins
Author: Charles Brush Perkins
Where: Baltimore Gateway Press When: 1976.
LCCN #, 76011605
 Dewy Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Perkins Family, United States - - Genealogy
Title: Descendants of Louis Perkins, Edith Mildred Smith, Jerveaux Michael Hopps, Edith Mildred Smith Perkins
Author: Jean E. Lowe
Where: Havana, Illinois (372 S. Schrader Avenue, Havana 62644) When Printed: J. E. Lowe [1992]
LCCN # 93173207
 Dewy Decimal #, 929/.20973
Subject: Perkins Family, Perkins, Louis, - - d. 1924, Family, Hopps Michael, - - 1889-1969 Family Record
N.P. 193? 1 v. 31 cm. 
LCCN# 49058280
Subjects: Perkins, Edward Thomas, Perkins Family
(John Perkins, 1590-1654)
Title: Genealogy of the Newman Perkins Family
Author: Newman Perkins
Where Printed: [N.P.] Post Stream Print When: 1888.
LCCN #, 64058145
Subject: Perkins Family Genealogy [sic] of the Perkins family in America (1631-1981)
Title: Genealogy of the Perkins family in America. 1631-1981.
Who Printed: [U.S.], M. E. Martel, 1981?
LCCN # 85110016 Dewy Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Perkins Family

Subject: Perkins Family originating with Edward Perkins,
immigrant to America and to New Haven Connecticut, before 1646.
Available: LDS Library Film # 1035564  Submitted by Norm

Title": History of the Perkins family of Perkins, Georgia,
Author: Donald E. Perkins
Where Published: Atlanta Georgia When: 1979.
LCCN# 70129575 Dewy Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Perkins Family

Title: History of Ufton Court and Perkins Family
Author: A. Mary Sharp
Where: London, E. Stock, When: 1892
.Subject: "The history of Ufton court, of the Parish of Ufton in the county of Berks and of the Perkins family. Traces 11 generations from Peter Morely.
Submitted by, Norm

Title: Kinsfolk of the Perkins Family
When Printed; [N.P.] 1953
Author: Clarence Alexander Perkins
LCCN# 54031066
Subject: Perkins Family
Title: Notes on Perkins Family in England
Author: David W. Perkins [micro form]
Where Printed: Salem  When: 1894.
Available: LDS Library #0824245
Subject: Abstracts from Perkins' wills in 1500's and 1600's Submitted by Norm
Title: Our Buckeye Tree; A Genealogy
Author: Eloise Latham Fry
Where Printed: Cincinnati, Ohio (5607 Mapleridge Drive, Cincinnati 455227)
Publisher: E. L. Fry When: c 1985, Includes a bibliography and index.
LCCN # 85177025 Dewy Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Hubb Family, Perkins Family, Webster family Ohio- - Genealogy
Title: Our Man Cousins
Author: Mary Gordon Perkins-Bacon,
Includes Bibliographical references and index.
LCCN# 82156907 Dewy Decimal # 929.273.P419ba  LDS Library #, 6100399
Subject: Contains descendants of John Perkins (1583-1654) who immigrated from England
Submitted by, Norm
Title: Owls Nest, in and out
Author: Anna Goodale (Perkins)
Where Published: Farmington Center ?Mass. 1962.
LCCN#, 62050415 Subject: Perkins Family

Title: Pedigrees of Perkins Family
Author: Harry Perkins
Subject: Perkins Family LDS Library, Film # 6049463

Title: Perkins Family of Connecticut
Author: Fred B. Perkins
[Boston, 1860] Microfilm, Washington, D. C., Library of Congress
Microfilm #74459 CS LCCN # 04035826
Subject: Perkins family (Joseph Perkins, 1674-1726) Perkins family (Jabez Perkins, d. 1741)
Title: Perkins Family in the United States in 1790
Author: David Walter Perkins,
Where Printed: Utica, New York When: 1911.
LCNN # 1206319 
 Available: Raleigh Sate Library
Subject: Contains all the 1790 Perkins listed in the US Census by state. Submitted by Norm
Title: Perkins Family of Ye Olden Times
Author: David Walter Perkins
Published: Utica New York 1916  LCCN# 16014973
LDS Library, Fiche # 6017429
Subject, The Mansfield Perkins (Parykns) papers 1823-1894. Submitted by Norm
Title: Perkins Family Records,
Author: Jesse Montgomery Seaver
Who Published: Philadelphia American Historical Genealogical Society [1929].
LCCN # 40018917 Subject: Perkins family and Family of Royal descent.
Also contains Perkins in the American Rev.
Submitted by, Norm
Title: The Ancestry of Thomas Bradbury (1611-1695)and his wife Mary (Perkins) Bradbury (1615-1700) of Salisbury, Massachusetts
Author: John Brooks
Where Printed: Threlfall. Madison, Wisconsin, J. B. Threlfell
When: 1988.  Index.
LCCN#: 90182127
 Dewy Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Title: The Ancestors and Descendants of Horace Thaddeus Perkins, 1832-1915.
Where Published: Sunnyvale, California, D. L. Perkins, 1977.
LCCN # 79314229 
 Dewy Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Perkins Family

Title: The Edward E. and Jeanette Atwell Perkins family of Nebraska, Richmond Virginia
(1713 Bellevue Avenue, Apt. C-602, Richmond 23227, BurtonFredrick Kiltz, 1901-1983
LCCN# 84117772 
 Dewy Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Perkins Family

Title: The Kentucky Gilpins
Where Published: Washington, D. C
Who Published: Press of W. F. Roberts Company, 1927]Author: George Gilpin, 1839.  LCCN# 27027475 Subject: Gilpin Family - -
 Perkins Family
Title: The Perkins and Allied Families of Wayne County North Carolina,
Compiled by: Theodore Edison Perkins
Where: Greensboro, North Carolina; Reproduction by: Carolina Copy Cat
When: 1983.
LCCN# 95125679 
 Dewey Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Perkins Family, Quakers Genealogy, Wayne County, N.C. Genealogy
Title: The Perkins Family
Author: Archie Ebenezer Perkins 1879
Where Published: New Orleans , Louisiana
When: 1944.
LCCN# 44024460
Subject: Perkins Family (Archie Perkins, b. 1805)
Title: The Perkins Family of Virginia; descendants of Nicholas Perkins who died 1654 in Charles City County
Author: William Kearney Hall
Edited: arr., typed by George F. Browning, Jr.
Where: Bridgeport ? Alabama, 1953.
LCCN# 77012658//r87  
Dewey Decimal # 929.2/0973
Subject: Perkins Family
Title: Yankee Land to Dixie Land: a Family Genealogy
Author: Hubert W. Letts.
Where Printed: Corpus Christi, Texas
(1037 McClendon Street, Corpus Christi Texas 78404)
Who Printed: Home Publishers When: c 1986
Subject: Bibliography and Index.
LCCN# 87107990//r90  
Dewey Decimal # 929/.2/0973
Subject: Spencer Family Warwick Family, Perkins Family

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