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A Little Girl Lost...Was Found Through Her Writing
Written By: Valerie Lynn Harrell

    The image above is the image I submitted for the cover of this book, I am hoping, PublishAmerica, who is the publisher of my book, will use this image for the cover. Please note that this may not be the final cover of the book, as I said, this is the image I submitted to PublishAmerica as a "suggested cover" for this book.

About This Book:
    A Little Girl Lost...Was Found Through Her Writing is a special compilation of heartfelt poetry, written from deeply within the heart of the author, who as a little girl often dreamed of becoming published. Her writing has always come naturally, flowing freely from within. She continued writing as she grew into a woman, writing through the pain and setbacks in her life. With strong will and a steadfast hand, she continues to write and dream.
    The poems within have been written for those who at times may feel lost, as I, having felt lost myself, have always found my way through writing. Although our passions and experiences may differ, these poems may give hope when you feel there is none. I only hope these poems will be of comfort, as well as inspiration to you in what may seem some of the toughest times within your life.
    Extra Note

    There are over 140 heartfelt poems in this book. Each tells of what was felt at the time they were written. Be sure to grab a box of tissues for the tears of happiness and sorrow you're sure to shed as you read this book of poetry!

About The Author:
    Valerie Lynn Harrell has been writing for most of her life. Her writing, having often been her only release, has helped her to find her way when she felt lost. Currently she is residing in Longview, Washington with her family, where she continues to write from not only her home, but also her heart.

Please Note:
    This book is still a work in progress, as I have not received as of this date any release date for it's publication. When the information becomes available I will be sure to post it here on this web page. I hope you are looking forward to reading my book of poetry when it is released in the near future!

    As you are waiting for the release of   A Little Girl Lost...Was Found Through Her Writing,  I hope you will take a moment to visit some of the Links I have gathered. I've set up a separate Links page for children here at Children's Link's.

    If you have any questions in regards to this book or this web page, you may e-mail the author, Valerie Lynn Harrell with any questions or comments.


    ~ On Monday, November 01, 2004 I received confirmation that my reply to the AQ was received and all files were received correctly.
    ~ On Thursday, November18, 2004 I've received letter from PublishAmerica which includes them holding up to their part of the contract as for the advance.
    ~ On Tuesday, December 28, 2004 I received my book proofs from PA.
    ~ On Wednesday, December 29, 2004 I returned my book proofs back to PA.

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